I've Come A Long Way

In just over 4 weeks Magoo has really come a long way. In this short time in his foster home he has learned the following commands: sit, down, bed, here, kennel and wait. He is working on shake, heel and kisses. And he will do his commands without treats. He heels wonderfully but, a little like Zoolander - he's having trouble turning left for now! From the time he arrived he has not had one accident in the house or his kennel and does not have any separation anxiety. He is excited when I get home and will bark to let me know it. But otherwise he has been a pretty perfect foster (and I've had a lot).

This boy loves everyone and never meets a stranger. His tail is always wagging and he loves to meet other people and other dogs. He had a great time at the meet and greet last weekend and was very gentle with a small baby and really excited to meet a puppy.

He loves to bring a toy with him when it's time to go out to potty. We use the the command 'out' for him to give up the toy which he does very well. We're still working on him taking the toy when he comes back in. There are enough of them laying around already!