Rebel Soldier is doing well. He's very playful and loves squeaky toys and balls. In addition to time in his handler's dorm, he gets a lot of extra practice socializing in the dorm next door. He was introduced there to a female poodle this week called Doodlebug and he liked her! He's also around the labradors sometimes and does fine with them. He's been a bit unsure of a couple of the officers, but has settled when they've walked him. This boy does a great sit/stay and down/stay. His handler can walk away from him in either position, then come back and reward him before he'll move. He does look for his reward! He goes on walks daily and when he's had enough, he just purposefully heads back in the direction of a gate or door! Rebel Soldier is a very good, always calm dog. He really likes being brushed and rubbed. His handler talks to him a lot and really enjoys him so much.