Musical Greyhounds

As we celebrate our one year birthday this week, things couldn't be busier.  We've had five adoptions, thus far, in January and may have 1-2 more before the month is over.  While adoptions and moving dogs are part of our daily life, this week has proven to be quite challenging.

We were asked to take a prison pup for another group who basically had no where to go as she hadn't been adopted yet.  Heather had offered to bring her up with her Thursday evening, however, this evening was already overbooked for me since I have an adoption scheduled (for Tessa) plus I have a vet appointment with one of my own to get stitches taken out of her toe.  It just so happens that one of our volunteers was in Tallahassee for business.  Since he was so close to the prison, it made sense for him to bring Miley back with him as he was returning to Atlanta on Wednesday. 

His fiancee, Kathy, also offered to take care of Tessa's adoption I had planned for Thursday evening.  So to make this work, Dave was to pick up Miley and drive her to my home and then switch Miley for Tessa who will be getting adopted not Thursday evening now but Friday evening due to a schedule conflict with the adopter.  We are an hour away from "the switch" and all is on schedule, as planned.  Whoo hoo!!  Once crises averted!

As well, Heather emailed yesterday to say she has an opening in the prison program for one more Greyhound.  It just so happens that one of our Valdosta volunteers, Nona, will be with us on Saturday as we tour the Birmingham Race Course.  We had already planned for Nona to take a Greyhound back with her to foster and adopt in the Valdosta area. 

You see, the Valdosta/Tifton area is on the way to the prison for Heather so my mind ticked away with the idea that perhaps Nona could take two Greyhounds back with her and Heather could pick up the prison pup on her way down next week.  So, one email later to Nona, and that plan is now in motion.  Nona and her sister, Neva, will take them both back with them when they leave the track on Saturday.  Kane's Taylor will be Nona's foster while Kane's Roz will travel.  

The two new pups, Kane's Taylor and Kane's Roz, are scheduled for their spay surgeries, teeth cleaning, heartworm test, etc. this week, thanks to the fast actions of Melony Cleveland at the McGregor Greyhound Welfare Center, there at Birmingham Race Course.  She is always super happy to help get the Greyhounds vetted so they can be moved to adoption groups.  So they will be ready to roll on Saturday!  Whoo hoo, another crisis averted!

I just received a call from Dave and "the switch" has been completed and he is on his way to his final destination - HOME - in Elijay with Tessa!

And if all this weren't enough to make me start biting my nails, there is a potential adopter looking at Miley (the new prison pup who just arrived) Saturday after the field trip to the track and then I have a home visit scheduled on Sunday for Lola's potential adopter.  They will also meet Lola.  Keep your fingers crossed for both girls!!

So, this week has been full of many surprises and alot of planning and then more planning.  It's truly been like "musical Greyhounds" but I think Heather expressed it better than that . . . she said, "it's like putting bullfrogs in a wheelbarrow"!  My sentiments exactly!  But you know what?  That's what we're here for and that's what we do - we move dogs from here to there, hopefully, with the intent that their forever home is right around the corner!

A BIG thanks to Dave Kundak, Kathy Marggraff, Nona Robles, and Neva Collins, for helping make this happen!  You guys are the best!