Greyhounds Galore!

And it's graduation day!!  Another class comes home from the prison program and another class heads down.  It's a wonderful day for the new adopters to finally get to meet their Greyhounds.  Some have been waiting for 2 months so I know it's an especially exciting day for them!

This morning, in fact, I prepared an email to each of the seven new adopters providing some last minute details surrounding the haul, what to expect when they get their Greyhound home and so on. 

The last sentence that I wrote, "You will soon wonder how you got along WITHOUT a Greyhound in your life!" made me well up with tears!  For one, I cannot imagine my life without my Greyhounds in it.  They are so much a part of me and I of them.  I am planning a 10-day trip in September where I am most certain to experience withdrawals and hope their sitter will keep me apprised of their daily activities while I'm away or I will surely wither and die!!

As well, I derive much enjoyment and satisfaction in the small part that I do in providing families with their wonderful Greyhounds and love seeing them at Meet & Greets and events thereafter where you can visibly see how family members have embraced their new furry four-legged friends. 
It is just so heartwarming and such a wonderful thing for the Greyhound as well as the family. It is why we do what we do and we love what we do!!

Today's haul is the first in three years that I will miss as I'll be heading to Gatlinburg for Mountain Hounds.  I think that is why I am especially sentimental about the Greyhounds coming home today as I will certainly miss seeing them and meeting their new humans.  But alas, I will survive and the cycle will continue with or with me! 

The cycle which involves the newest class heading to the prison today which happens to include my next and newest Greyhound, Gwyneth Paltrow.  I am especially excited to finally be able to adopt Gwyneth and give her the added bonus of the prison training before she comes home in August.  I'm sure I'll be blogging about the experience "from this side" since this will be my first prison pup.  It's very exciting for her and for me!! 

Happy graduation to our pups today!!  Now, on to Mountain Hounds!!