WOW - I am the worst blogger!!

I just looked at our blog and am quite ashamed to see that it has been a year since I last blogged!!  What happened to me?  I can only say that it has been a very busy year and blogging just escaped the forefront of my mind all those months!! 

Seriously, it has been very busy.  We've adopted now about 125 Greyhounds and will be coming up on our third birthday in January of 2012.  Those numbers are pretty good, I think.   As with any adoption group, we always strive to adopt more and more Greyhounds which means more and more families are, no doubt, happier than they've ever been!  These dogs make such wonderful family pets, it's ridiculous.

Case in point - I had the pleasure of spending the morning with a family last Sunday at a Meet & Greet we hosted.  This family adopted their Greyhound from us a little over a month ago.  At the time of the adoption, the wife was very unsure of even having a dog as part of the family due to a previous bad experience with another (breed) dog.  Much to my delight, when I saw them on Sunday, she introduced him as their "third" child and "only son".  They have taken to him as he has to them!  It is just so incredibly heartwarming to see how these wonderful animals change our lives and how we change theirs.

Seeing and hearing stories such as this really makes it all worthwhile and reinforces to me why we do what we do. 

With that being said, we have ten Greyhounds who have arrived at the prison today to start their training and ten graduates who will arrive in Atlanta shortly, all who will be dispersed to their new families or foster homes this evening.  The cycle continues .  .  .

And finally, I promise to add "blog to SCG site" to my calendar as a bi-weekly task so I do not forget again!!