Another Road Trip or Two

The Sunday before last, Kathy Marggraff, Dave Kundak and myself drove over to Birmingham to deliver some carpet for Alan to use in the kennels.  He lines the bottom of the kennels with rectangle shaped carpet, providing a soft surface for the dogs to lay on. 

On our way over we stopped at Cracker Barrel to have lunch.  Wow, this one seemed to be bursting at the seams with folks enjoying a nice lunch after Church services.  And, of course, they were dressed in their Sunday finest!  And then there we were, in blue jeans and sweat shirts!  Lucky for us, no one seemed to notice as they were all way to busy eating lunch and socializing with their neighbors!

As we were standing at the counter waiting to pay, Kathy noticed this "artifact" on the wall behind the cashiers.  I almost died!  Of course I snapped a picture with my iPhone and have been scouring the Internet ever since.  I'll find one and when I do, I'll definitely snatch it up.  Don't know where I'll put it but I will definitely find somewhere for it.  Have you ever seen a wagon like this before?  Apparently they were really popular in the 1950's.

After our leisure lunch, we headed on to the track to deliver the carpet and photograph the new Greyhounds headed down to the prison in Florida on Thursday.  What a great bunch of dogs!  The girls will have a blast training these guys, I know it.  
Kathy was checking out this cute brindle girl with the bob tail, even getting her out of her kennel for a visit outside with Alan and Dave.  As soon as they walked out, she jumped into the open door of a hauler.  Poor thing thought it was time to go run!  It was hilarious as the hauler she jumped into was not in use and was full of debris.  She didn't seem to mind, in fact, we had a hard time getting her to come out! 

We then headed to the Adoption Kennel to check out the brindle puppies.  Aren't they adorable?  One day I'll bite the bullet and will adopt a Greyhound puppy.  I just have to get my nerve up first as I hear they are a terror to raise!!  It would be worth it though.

When I arrived home that evening I went through the pictures and determined they were not useable mainly due to the brightness.  The afternoon sun was high in the sky and any setting I tried didn't seem to alleviate it in the pictures. 

So, Michelle Kroh and I headed over AGAIN this past Sunday to retake the pictures.  It was an overcast day which really was perfect lighting for the pictures.  When we arrived, we got right to it and photographed everyone in record time having a blast the entire time!  The dogs love getting out and about and honestly are very good about standing to get their picture taken.  

Check out their pictures.

Alan mentioned that Lost Cufflink was available as he had a torn muscle from his race on Saturday.  Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to get him in the program.  He is a striking white dog with blue ticking with one eye that has eyeliner!  The other doesn't! What a hoot he is, truly, a Greyhound with so much personality that he'll do well in the program and in his forever home.  So, we grabbed him and took his pictures.

We were done!  After a quick trip to see the puppies at the Adoption Kennel, we then headed on home.  Whoops, I can't forget to mention I also took a picture of Toto.  Now, isn't that a face only a mother could love?  Toto was rescued from the local animal shelter to live at the adoption kennel and be the official small dog tester.  Wait, he isn't testing, he is the "testee", if you will.  He does a fantastic job and doesn't put up with any BS from anyone.  Honestly, look at him . . . who would mess with him?