We're In a Prison!!

Well, not quite yet, but we will officially be moving five Greyhounds from the Birmingham Race Course/Southern New England Kennels, to their home for the next three months, Gadsden Correctional Facility, on Thursday, June 25th.  Gadsden Correctional Facility is located in Quincy, Florida and has a little over 1,500 beds.  It is an all female, minimum/medium-security prison that has been managed since 1998 by Corrections Corporation of America.

This particular facility currently is home to a canine companion training program and in the past they had a canine bomb sniffing training program.  With that being said, the facility, staff and inmates are accustomed to having dogs in the facility and training these dogs.  They already have a large turnout/training yard and the in-house knowledge to bring in another program.  It's an ideal fit for us and for them. 

So, watch for blog updates on our Available Greyhounds page for those Greyhounds in prison.  They will be represented with an orange icon - which you can't miss!  Of course we are very excited and are looking forward to seeing and hearing how this program benefits the women as well as the Greyhounds.