Meeting with Second Chance at Life Folks

This past Saturday we held our first meeting with Beverly and Ferg Sebastian with Second Chance at Life.  They are the folks who will be our guiding light and mentors throughout the process of setting up our program.  They are very interesting people, for sure, and love what they are doing!  I can certainly see why.  They shared a few videos with us where Inmates from an Illinois prison who are in the program were interviewed.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house, I tell you.  Everyone was truly touched by the words and feelings these Inmates had for the Greyhounds in their charge.  You could see how this program affects them and how they benefit and, of course, how the Greyhounds benefit.

I left the meeting more encouraged and inspired than ever before and feel we definitely are onto something here - something really great!!  We cannot wait to get our first Greyhounds into the program.  That may very well happen sooner than later as we do have an opportunity to place four Greyhounds into the program in Illinois while we are still setting up our prisons here in Georgia.  It's an option we are pursuing. 

Beverly and Heather have discussions set this week with several Georgia DOC officials to being talking about the program and how we can benefit the Inmates.  We are well on our way. 

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.