Last Trip to Birmingham Race Course for 2009

Last weekend Michelle and I drove to Birmingham Race Course to take photos of our next group of hounds headed to the prison in Florida to be fostered and trained.  They'll depart on January 14, 2010 and will return on March 18, 2010.  Needless to say, we have a fantastic group headed that way.  Their pictures should be online in the next day or two so if you're interested, check them out at Available Greyhounds.  They are all wonderful Greyhounds, however, one stands out a bit from the rest and that is Delila.  She is a beautiful dog with a very light fawn coat, almost a blue fawn and is a sweetheart.  She will do well at Gadsden Correctional Facility and will learn lots of tricks for her new family.

So, while we were there we visited their Adoption kennel to cat and small dog test our five Greyhounds.  While at the kennel, look what was there - the most adorable Greyhound puppy.  He is 18 weeks old and is ALL puppy.  I had taken a picture of him outside his crate, however, he never stops moving so it was pretty blurry.  I should have adjusted my camera and put it on "sports" mode, just for him! :)

He was adopted to a family that day and as we saw him load up in their van for the trek home, I stood there watching marveling at his cuteness and abounding energy.  I have always said that one day I will adopt a Greyhound puppy and will raise it for lure coursing. 

I still plan to do that but in the interim, I'm committed to helping train and adopt as many Greyhounds from Southern New England Kennels at Birmingham Race Course as our group can possibly handle.  That is our goal for 2010!

Happy New Year everyone - may 2010 bring you much joy and happiness, good health and the best of everything you deserve.  Here's to a fantastic 2010!!