Samson is a very social dog and continues to be super friendly and spunky. Everyone in the dorm wants to interact with him and he loves it. This past week, his handler has had more officers approach him than any other grey she's had. She's also been proud to get several compliments about how big and healthy he looks - it means a lot to her to hear them. Samson didn't like having his nails clipped this week, despite having done fine with it before. His handler and the vet tech are working with him to reinforce the positive in each encounter, especially with touching his paws. Training is coming along. His sit, shake and bed are his best commands. Down, here, heel and wait he does, but not as quickly. He's very cautious so far on the stairs and his handler is still physically hand walking him up and down. Overall, Samson is a very playful, energetic and fun-loving dog.