Serenity is very calm and gentle. She's super sweet and loves affection. She's so great to work with and gives her full attention when her handlers work with her. Though she doesn't like crowds, she's done great with the inmates trying out this week for the greyhound training team, doing what she's asked to do. She's such a good girl. Her two regular handlers both say how much working with Serenity helps them. Having Serenity around gives them the assurance they need to believe that everything will be fine and that they can continue to trust. The way she looks at us, they say, is amazing, as if we are so important to her. It makes us feel so good. To know that we do matter is a great feeling. Sometimes we forget that we are important. We forget that there is love and we can have it. She brings us so much joy and has the power to turn a whole day around. This sweet girl loves everyone and will make a wonderful pet.