Serenity is the eleventh dog this handler has worked with and the leaving time never gets easier. She is so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Serenity and loves this sweet girl. She knows that Serenity loves her and will love her new family even more. Serenity has mastered sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, stairs, wait and kennel. She's good at her commands and even better with treats! She can be shy with strangers sometimes, but gets over it quickly. This sweet girl will let you hug her endlessly and has fallen asleep before now with her handler's head rested on her shoulder. All she wants is to be loved, and her handler says you can't resist her because she's "so stinking cute"! Serenity is such a great dog, so laid back, so calm, so lovable, so affectionate, so happy, so perfect. She is one-of-kind. "Thank you so much for this program and these dogs," says her handler. "I am always amazed at the wonders that come with this program."