An utter delight!

Well, it’s almost over! Lizzie has made her primary trainer’s first session as a primary a great one. He was excited as all get out to get her back after swap week. She has mastered all of her commands and her training team spent her last week practicing over and over again. She even worked on her toy etiquette, allowing her to sit for her toys as an alternative behavior! She has been such a delight, and will continue to be a delight with her new forever family!

New year to a new beginning

Happy New Year!…Almost. Well, it’s swap week and these trainers were lucky to get Lizzie. Lizzie did all her commands with no problem. She is a smart girl and beautiful at that. Brains and beauty. She’s got it all!

If you’re looking for a greyhound who enjoys running and playing, then Lizzie is your gal. She loves for you to toss a toy or a ball up in the air. She will run and chase after them until she runs out of steam. That’s the way to her heart… Toys, Toys, Toy! It' doesn’t take much to make Lizzie happy…Toys, a good run, good food or good company. I hope you enjoy having Lovely Lizzie in your life.

People Pleaser

Lizzie is a people pleaser. She loves to be loved on and will do anything to please her human. She has mastered her commands and knows them with verbal and hand signals. Her extra commands are a sight to be seen: “bounce”, “spin” and “paws up”. She’s a cutie doing them and she knows it.

Only two more weeks and this gem of a girl will be yours forever. Get ready for Loving Lizzie to steal your hearts.

Fun loving girl!

Lizzie is doing great with all of her commands!  She is a loving girl who enjoys attention and will do anything for food and toys.  She enjoys other humans as they are a source of additional attention.  I mean she’s cute and irresistible. What human could ignore her!?  Toy play ranks high on her list of favorite things to do. She loves playtime, but calms easily after it’s over.  

Her inmate trainer says that   Lizzie is doing great with the extra commands.   He says that he can’t wait to see what she learns next.  She’s willing and happy to learn new things.  He says she’s a lot of fun to train! 


Let's Play!

This past week, Lizzie's trainer was so excited because Lizzie has already learned all 13 basic commands. And, as suspected, she managed to get all 10s during show and tell! Atta girl!

This week, she has been working on a few extras: bounce, spin and beg. She really, really loves to bounce for her favorite treat or toy. It is so cute! She is still working on spin, and beg is a little bit difficult because of those long noodle legs. This next week will be dedicated to fine tuning those extra commands and maybe even learn a few more. This sweet girl just loves to eat and play!

Lovable Lizzie

Hey guys! Last week, Lizzie’s trainer was super excited about what the week held in store regarding this amazing, sweet hound. Lizzie has had another great week - one for the books! She got all tens across the board for all 13 basic commands. The only thing now to apply for the next five weeks is consistency.

She is coming along well in her training and she is already comfortable with her alternate trainer. Her primary has already established a consistent feeding procedure for both 4:30am and 4:30pm:

  1. Make sure the flaps over the kennel are up so she can see all around her;

  2. Open the front kennel door and tell her to “wait”;

  3. One the wait command is properly issued, release her into a “heel” position and then a sit directly behind her kennel on two foam mats;

  4. Tell her to “stay” in her seated position while her trainer puts her bowl into her kennel… then wait a couple of seconds with her still in the “sit” position;

  5. Say “kennel” after about 4-6 seconds in a sit-stay position.

She should run into her kennel and gracefully eat her kibble! Her trainer will work in the coming weeks on increasing duration and distance. She is a smart girl and this should be no problem at all for our gorgeous gal!

Up For The Challenge

Week 4 has been exciting! Lizzy has grown comfortable in her new environment.  She’s doing much better with staying on her bed when the Stay command is given. She executes her command with ease.  

Lizzy’s inmate trainer plans to work on Jump and Down this week.   He says that she’s picked up all her commands within the first two trys. He is looking forward to seeing how she handles the next challenge.  


Quirky Girl

Another week has passed by while Lizzie continues to learn and be adorable. Curiosity has been the theme this week! It’s a part of her finally becoming comfortable and adjusting to her new temporary home. Her trainer has been working with her on her basic commands and practicing with distractions, and she does a stellar job every time.

Lizzie is so intelligent that her trainer thinks she’ll be able to execute any command by the time graduation rolls around. Lizzie, tie my shoes! Do some geometry! Predict the weather!

Lizzie isn’t afraid of anything that her trainer has seen so far, and she is increasingly excited and pleased to be here more and more every day. This week their goal is to fine-tune heel and sit. Her trainer also wants to see how she responds to other dogs during training. He looks forward to all the new quirks and antics that are bound to reveal themselves over the next seven weeks!

Adorable beyond words

Lizzie has grown this past week in so many ways.  She has built a level of trust and bonded with her trainer.  He can’t help but smile every time he looks into her big ole puppy dog eyes of hers.  She is truly adorable beyond words and her trainer has already fallen in love with her.

Lizzie is a very obedient pup and can get excited at times, but she knows when it’s time to get down to business.  She already knows “hurry”, “let’s go” and “down perfectly.  The other basic commands are a work in progress, but no worries. She’s catching on to the concept a request = a reward.  

Meet Lizzie

Lizzie’s trainer is awestruck with his girl he gets to train! Within the first few hours of arriving, he could immediately tell that he had some big shoes to fill because this girl has been spoiled and groomed already! So, in these few weeks that he has with her, he’s going to make sure she is trained and loved more than she can imagine!

As far as training goes, the first step is getting her to learn her new name – and she’s already picked up on that! Leash walking is becoming more familiar to her day by day as she builds her bond with her trainer. He’s also started to work on the wait command and then rewarding her, so she should have that down pat soon. And she actually already knows bed! He was able to teach her that the first day. She even does a perfect sphinx down position, so she is proving to be eminently teachable.

Well, check back next week to see how the journey with Miss Lizzie is going!