Brains and Beauty

"Brains and beauty" is quickly becoming the story of Sansa. She is quite honestly the smartest dog her inmate trainer has trained and the most beautiful. He says it's very difficult to keep training on track especially when you look into her deep chocolate eyes!  She is just so full of cuteness that you just want to play and play and not train and train!!

Her training sessions are kept short to keep her interested. He makes them fun which has played a part in her learning her basics in record time.  They've even added a couple of extras, just to keep her interest up.  When she is not in class, she prefers to spend her time like most kids, running around looking for "mischief". 

In her case, a "borrowed" shoe is usually just the ticket!  She loves running around the dorm with someone's shoe in her mouth.  She's not destructive with it, she just enjoys the game.  She's a puppy, afterall!!

Her inmate trainer is so proud of her accomplishments and is certain she will be one of the finest Greyhounds to have graduated from the program!