Baby Lady Sansa

This blog will follow the journey of my little Lady Sansa as she enjoys her first few months away from kennel life and being spoiled rotten to a few months in our prison foster program, well, being spoiled rotten. The difference is she is learning some commands and will, hopefully, come home a well adjusted puppy. 

Here is my dear Lady Sansa during our visit to the track back in January of 2016.  Isn't she just adorable!  She was about 3 months old here and what a love bug.  I don't think I let anyone else hold her for more than 60 seconds!

It's interesting how completely open she was to letting anyone love on her and I have to say she is just the same today.

Below is a picture of her at the track the day we tried to get pictures of her for this blog. She was so uncooperative,  just wanting to play like the puppy she is and who can blame her?  She is just the sweetest (you'll have to count how many times I say that in this blog), but it's true, there isn't a mean bone in her body.