Lyle is so sweet and very lovable. He's also very smart. On the very first day of training he started sitting and then mastered down and bed. In fact he's doing fabulously with all his training, already responding to the full list of basics (though he won't yet shake). He's a little slow with the commands at this early stage, but always follows through. He's also a great heel walker, never tries to pull and enjoys walking around rec. Lyle has been a little skittish in the foyer area of the dorm and his handler is helping him work on that. Within the dorm itself he does very well, going up and down the walkway visiting bed areas. He gets along great with all the other greyhounds. He has occasionally been a little timid with some staff, shy sometimes and at other times letting them pet him and giving them an inspecting sniff. This coming week he'll get some practice walking with staff. He has already become one of his handler's favorite greyhounds.