Lyle has spent this last week spending quite a bit of time in cosmetology classes with his handler and has settled better with each visit.  He isn't bothered at all by the noise there and will just sit and watch people walk by him!  He enjoys attention and does get excited and playful when he sees someone familiar. Lyle's special snack treat is banana chips, and another treat for him is being outside - he loves being out in the air and going for walks.  This boy is a joy to be around, and his handler has enjoyed all the time she has spent with him.


Lyle got a new co-handler this week, and she was amazed how quickly he adjusted to her. He stayed with her for 3 days and she worked with him on his commands and walking the track. He's a great listener and a joy to be around. On Thanksgiving Day, she played with him for the first time and it was so much fun. Lyle loves to run. He will run in complete circles until he tires himself out and then they walk him down. He enjoys walking around in the dorm a lot and getting attention from everyone. His new co-handler looks forward to working with him each and every day.


Lyle spent the weekend from 4pm Friday to 4pm Sunday with an alternate handler. He settled right in with her and was very good, calm and attentive in the dorm and lying on a bed in the day room. Saturday he had fun with a plush toy - was very happy and pushed the toy around the floor, his tail wagging away! Both days he spent time on the field playing the "here" game, responding very well to the snack shaker and getting quite excited, enjoying the game. While out on the field he responded well to his commands. He especially liked to do a shake. He also went over on his own to the stairs and the ramp to go up and down them. He's confident going up, a little more careful coming down. Overall Lyle was a joy to be with for his weekend handler.


Lyle is really starting to show his personality. He now wants to run and play on the dog field.  They have been playing the here game and he has been loving it. He runs back and forth, smiling and wagging his tail. Lyle does all his commands well and loves to train, but he does expect to have a nice treat after showing his talents!  He listens well most of the time. Other handlers have also been working with him, so that he will listen to anyone giving commands. This boy enjoys walking but when he has walked a mile he is ready to get a drink and rest. He walks beside you and never pulls unless he gets tired.


Lyle does really well on his commands. Only stay is a bit less successful; he does it great most of the time but does try to pop up before released! He gets to practice commands throughout the day. His latest addition is High Five! Lyle has a very laid-back personality but when he knows he can get one over on you, he will. He refused to sit or be scooped by a particular alternate handler this past week, but then right away responded well with his regular handler. She's going to follow up with him to work on that. He can also be a little lazy, but all in all he is a great dog and always very friendly and loving.


Lyle is doing great on all his commands and has even learned some new ones: lap, paws up and touch. He is very cute when he puts his paws up! He catches onto everything really fast. Sometimes he gets a little skittish around trash carts being pushed around the compound. His handlers have been introducing him to everything that rolls. He's getting a little more at ease. Lyle is always full of love and happiness. Every morning he gets up happy and ready to go to rec. He's a great heel walker and walks a lot, but when he has had enough walking he will let you know. His paws do slide on shiny floors. His handler notes that his sit at mealtimes winds up in a down!


Lyle is such a wonderful greyhound. His personality is great. He's very laid back and always calm. He responds well to his two handlers and has a lot of love to offer every time he sees them. This past week, Lyle played for the first time and boy was it fun watching him run after the rope toy then take off doing laps around the field! He's so much fun to watch and be around. Lyle has caught on to all his commands really fast. He does like kibble, but will do commands without. He's one of the smartest hounds his handler has trained. Though still unsure of the floors, he's doing so much better. Also sometimes a little skittish with staff, but again doing a lot better. Lyle is a blessing to have there, say his handlers, and is such a wonderful greyhound.



Lyle is so sweet and very lovable. He's also very smart. On the very first day of training he started sitting and then mastered down and bed. In fact he's doing fabulously with all his training, already responding to the full list of basics (though he won't yet shake). He's a little slow with the commands at this early stage, but always follows through. He's also a great heel walker, never tries to pull and enjoys walking around rec. Lyle has been a little skittish in the foyer area of the dorm and his handler is helping him work on that. Within the dorm itself he does very well, going up and down the walkway visiting bed areas. He gets along great with all the other greyhounds. He has occasionally been a little timid with some staff, shy sometimes and at other times letting them pet him and giving them an inspecting sniff. This coming week he'll get some practice walking with staff. He has already become one of his handler's favorite greyhounds.

First Impressions - 10/06/13

Lyle came in a little unsure of all the noise and of the floors, but it took him no time to overcome his fears. He is such a big greyhound with a great big heart. He's very sweet and has the most amazing eyes; he looks up at you with nothing but love in those eyes. This boy has a great personality. He greets humans and dogs. He loves to explore the whole dorm.  Walking, he hasn't pulled once and he really enjoys being at rec. He will walk around as if he's done this all his life. Lyle goes in and out of the kennel with no issues and even walks great already on the shiny floors. He has been sleeping well through the night and wakes up hungry. He's a very gentle eater and doesn't worry if his handler puts her hand in his bowl. Lyle is going to be a very special greyhound to those at the prison and to his new forever family.