Attention Hound!

Dear future forever family,

The trainers are having an awesome time with Dallas! He is enjoying his time here with them this week and has been working on his commands diligently. He has progressed well with sit and now sits on command! Next is down, and after he nails that one they will start on some extras. He is an affectionate, loving dog and loves attention any way he can get it! He enjoys playing with toys and has started his stair training. It’s a work in progress - he seems not to like heights very much, but he is getting better every day! Dallas is a quick learner and loves the attention he gets during training and running in the yard. We hope you enjoyed the update, and are ready to have your heart stolen by this adorable boy!

Fast Forever Friend

Dallas is coming right along with his commands, and did well during show and tell. He only struggled some on sit and down. Sit is one of the hardest commands for Greyhounds to learn., but Dallas is a smart boy and his trainer is confident he will be sitting like a pro in no time.

Dallas is super fast! He loves to run, play and have fun with his buddies out on the big yard. He acts like a big puppy when the toys come out; tossing them in the air and chasing after them. If you are looking for a fast forever friend, then Dallas is it.

Lazy Days with Dallas

Hi there, it’s Dallas! I’ve been here for a few weeks and it’s been really fun. People here love on me every time I get out of my kennel and I LOVE to be loved on. Then we go into the training room and learn new stuff like wait, stay, and some other commands. It’s a little hard at times but I have been picking it up fast. When we get done working, then I get to play with toys! Oh boy, they are fun to chase around. Then I get to lay on my day bed and rest before dinner time, and then I go in my kennel for a nap. That is pretty much how my week has been! Thank you for reading about me, and I can’t wait to update you again next week!

Head over heals in love

Dallas is doing great!  He is learning really fast and having fun!  He has found out what toys are all about and he loves ‘em!  But, you should know he loves getting attention more than toys!  His inmate trainer says that Dallas is always happy!  It’s rather infectious. Your spirits can’t help but lifted when you’re around this sweet guy!  

When he wants to play, he will lay his head on his inmate trainer’s shoe and looks up at him with so much cuteness he can’t be denied.  His inmate trainer warns that you should watch your heart with this one! Falling head over heels will happen fast.  His inmate trainer says he’s pretty much already there!  He’s looking forward to the training days ahead with Dallas!


Dashing Dallas!

Hey, its Dallas! Nice to meet everyone! Well, I will tell you a little about me but first I just want to say that I did not know retirement would be like this! I thought I was going to get to lie around and run and play with friends, and go hang out on the riverbed or the beach, but that did not happen at all! At least not immediately¦ What happened instead was, I arrived at this place, and then they started to give me a bath. I was okay with that, because I needed one and now I smell sooooo good! They made my white coat look brand spankin’ new too. Then they took me into a different room and trimmed my nails, and cleaned my ears. That was very nice of them. Everyone here is great. Apparently I will be learning new stuff, and I was like, wait a minute, can I enjoy being clean before I get put back to work?

So that’s how my introduction to retirement began! Now, a little bit about me. I like to run and lie on this thing they call a bed, and most of all, I love being loved on. It is the best thing of all time! Check back next week and learn more about me, Dashing Dallas!