Treats always welcome

Hi y’all!  My name is Pax and I can’t wait to meet my new furever family!  I’ve learned so many things while in this training program.  My inmate trainer has taught me how to train humans to give me treats.  I know that if I shake hands the human becomes a treat dispenser.  I think I must be placing my paw on a leaver and it just looks like a human arm.  It’s pretty cool!  

I like to play with toys and learning new things (a/k/a earning more treats).  I love to run and play, but let’s be real, when it’s time to rest I’m all in.  You got a soft bed?  Well, I got time.  

So final testing was this week.  I went in and nailed it!  Yeah, I’m at pro level, but no autographs please. Treats are welcome.  (just sayin’).  Well I’ll be signing off now.  See Ya soon!

It's Pax Man!

Swap week with the Pax Man!

Swap week went well with Pax. He showed no signs of separation anxiety and he performed all of his commands for his swap week trainer. He said he is extremely loving, easy going and playful when he wants to be. He is a little uncertain of new people, new sounds and new smells, but once he gets comfortable around you and trusts you, he will be your friend forever. Give this sweet boy a little time to get adjusted to everything new and he’s as good as gold. His trainer has no doubt that he is going to make a great addition to some lucky family.

PS: For the record, peanut butter is his favorite treat!

Graduation is so close!

This week has been the most successful Pax has had! He couldn't be any more comfortable and adjusted to his environment. He loves everybody even if he has never met them before. He enjoys head rubs, belly rubs, and treats from anyone. Now that he has become more comfortable, he gets visibly excited when it's time to do his commands. 

His trainer is going to miss Pax so much next week because it's swap week, so he'll spend a week with his senior trainer! With only stairs left to work on, Pax is almost ready for graduation! He's working on continuing to get all 10s on show and tell and he is SO CLOSE!

Good Boy Pax

Hi there!  My name is Pax and I’d like to tell you about what I’ve been doing.  Once I explain everything, I think you’re going to want to give me treats too!  Yeah, I’m that good!  

I’ll level with you, I was a little unsure about this place when I first arrived.  The floors are all shiny, things are a little loud, and I have a inmate training team.  Maybe I should actually call them my inmate treat dispensing team.  These guys, let me tell you…. They make a request I follow through and BOOM I get a treat!  They also call me Good Boy.  I think this must be my second name.  

Well, for starters there are other greyhounds here to play with.  They all like snacks, but not as much as I do.  I’m much more comfortable with commands these days.  It’s fun to see how many treats I can get out of the guys. 

Okay, so let’s talk about these shiny floors.  Could you just leave ‘em dirty?  I feel like I’d get better traction and wouldn’t fall.  I move slow on them because it’s safer that way. Less ice skating and all.  My training team tell me I’m getting better all the time. Until next week…. Pax over and out.

Settling in and Loving it!

Pax’s trainer is excited to announce that Pax has made tremendous progress with the help of a senior trainer in the program! Pax was able to overcome so many, if not all, of his obstacles. His primary trainer could tell from day one that Pax was a very unique dog, and would require some extra TLC and special attention. This past week was interesting because in a way, Pax helped his trainer learn things that can only be gained from experience. Pax has gotten used to his surroundings and is super comfortable with his living space, and is still and forevermore kind and inviting to anyone who wants to pet him. There isn’t an aggressive bone in his skinny lil body!

Lazy Days

Hello, everyone! Pax is coming along well with all his commands. He has been having a lot of fun this week with training and down time. He loves to lay down on the bed around his trainers while they play cards. He is good with being around lots of people and loves to walk right beside you when you’re walking him around to see stuff or go outside. He loves to run around with people or just by himself. And when you let him out of his kennel, the first thing he will do is find a bed to lie down on!

Special boy

This week has been a special week for a special boy. Pax’s trainers allowed him to roam around the dorm to get acclimated to his new temporary home and Pax enjoyed every minute of it. He went around to different bunks and kennels just to say hello to the other inmates and hounds. He received hugs, kisses and treats for being such a good boy.

As for his training, Pax is progressing nicely. He listens and pays attention when it’s time to get down to business. He doesn’t mind a little down time, lounging around on his favorite bed after a hard days work.

It's bed time!

Pax is a very, very special dog. He is always down for belly rubs and treats. This week, his training team has been spending extra time with him to learn what makes him comfortable. Pax has adjusted so much better than when he first arrived. He also really loves his name and responds well to it, which makes it super easy to teach him!

He loves the bed – even when it’s time to go on the dog run, he is like, “do I reaallllly have to get off my nice big comfy bed?!” It makes all the inmate trainers laugh – these lazy dogs are so entertaining! Pax is taking retirement to the max!

Pax is on "Stay"cation.

Pax has truly made progress this week. He is starting to open up more and more each day as he adjusts to his new environment at the Second Chance Greyhounds Academy of higher learning. He enjoys the copany of other dogs and inmates.

As far as training goes…Slow and steady wins the race. He is making progress on his “stays’ on his bed. His trainer will leave him there and walk around or watch tv. All the while Pax stays on his bed. Good boy Pax! His trainer is working on “stay”, “let’s go”, “hurry” and “kennel” this week and will introduce more next week. See ya soon!

Captivating eyes

Pax’s trainer immediately fell in love with this gorgeous guy! Like most greyhounds when they arrive, Pax was a little bit nervous, but still curious. He expected Pax to adjust slowly and get comfortable within a few days, and he did! He is leash walking like a natural and his trainer believes that he will be a quick learner. Pax’s coat is so beautiful, white with a unique brown brindle. And his eyes are the most capitvating feature of all! A deep, fiery amber that longs for you to stare into them forever. 

Pax is a quick learner and his trainer managed to get him to sit on the third attempt! During week one! His trainer says he is excited to spend this training session with such an amazing greyhound, and he can’t wait to see what the next nine weeks hold!