This awesome hound's lovable and playful personality is coming out more and more. Cuda grabs his handlers' hearts every day. He's so cute when he looks at you, seeking affection. He spends time split between two handlers in next door dorms, and when he gets back to each dorm every time, everybody has to be greeted; he leans into each person and looks up with his big eyes saying "I missed you. Give me love!" He knows all his basic commands and is currently practicing advanced heel with a verbal command; he responds already to the hand signal. He takes the stairs without any difficulty. "Shake" still needs work: he knows the command, but at the moment just responds to it when he's lying down! They're working on getting him to shake when he's standing up. Grooming goes really well. He stands still for bathing and is calm while nails are clipped and ears are cleaned. He does try to eat the toothpaste when you clean his teeth. Cuda loves everybody and thinks everyone should love him! He's full of love and joy.