Heart Of A Champion

Champ’s inmate trainer says that when you meet Champ you’ll immediately see that he has the heart of a champion.  He’s a good lookin’ guy but he’s not stuck on himself.  He get’s lots of compliments on his black/white coat and there have been some whispering that say his markings remind them of the finest of dairy cows. 

He says it’s a joy to work with Champ because he’s always happy and excited.  He’s been extraordinarily brave in adapting to his new environment and training.  His inmate trainer says that it’s always fun to see how the dogs transform during the course of a session.  It’s a true treat to watch their personalities emerge.  Champ has had a wonderful disposition from the beginning and his inmate trainer says that he’s looking forward to helping Champ achieve command perfection!  

Stairs? No problem!

Champ has had a greyt week! He knows leave it, stay, here, heel, release, let’s go, and hurry. He is still slow to respond to kennel, wait, down, and bed; he does do them, just not on the first try. He really enjoys his bed when he wants to be on it! Champ has a fantastic personality - it’s not him being coy, he’s just a slow jam. Champ is an exceptional dog and will have no problem getting it before the session is over.

He jumped on his own this week, and he did stair training for the first time, too! He was reluctant the first time up and down, but by the third time he had no problems. He is a wonderful, relaxed dog and his trainer has not found any aggressive behavior toward anything at all.

Attention Hound

Champ has had a great week. He knows, “let’s go,” “wait,” “stay,” “bed,” and “leave it.”  Sometimes he’s a little slow responding to “hurry,” “kennel,” “release,” and “heel,” but it’s early in the game, so he’s got plenty of time.  He hasn’t learned to sit or jump yet.  

 Champ’s inmate trainer says that Champ enjoys treats but is just as motivated by attention.  He’s like a little sponge that will soak up all the attention you can give him.  

Peanut Butter and TV

Champ has had a great week! He and his trainer have bonded well, and he has proven himself to be quite the genius. Champ has such a wonderful personality; he is so relaxed and laid back and enjoys just hanging out on his bed with a Kong full of peanut butter. He walks well on a leash and has been working diligently on heel, stay, bed and wait. His trainer has found no signs of aggressive behavior towards anything whatsoever. He is motivated by food and that is sure to make training a breeze. He loves being around people and other dogs and will make an excellent companion for anyone lucky enough to snag this guy. He did notice the TV for the first time this week. It was kind of funny – he thought there were people in there, but then realized there was no reason to be afraid of all the pictures and sounds coming from the robot box. Now he likes watching the TV and isn’t scared of it!

Did someone say TREATS?!

Champ is doing great!  His inmate trainer says that he seems calm and laid back. He’s doing really well getting acclimated to his new environment. Champ seems to enjoy new people and has greyt fun with the other dogs.  

His inmate trainer says that training should go well, as Champ seems really smart AND treat motivated. He perks right up at the thought of treats and has a great appetite.