Graduating To Retirement

Training is over.  Graduation is here.  Success is bittersweet when you have to say goodbye. Chase is leaving this program ready for his forever home.  This week he worked with different inmate handlers going through his commands.  He responds well, but the stinker can be manipulative!  He wants the handler to give in quick and surrender the treat reward.  Don’t let him fool you, he knows his commands well!

Chase loves everyone he meets; dogs and humans!  His inmate trainer says that Case’s love for food will cause him to try to snatch treats from your hand.  He has been using the “leave it” command then giving him the treat from his open palm this seems to help with this behavior. 

Chase is a great guy who’s sure to make his new family fall in love with him!  His inmate trainer is going to miss him, but knows that this amazing guy has a wonderful future ahead of him!