Boc's Sweetdream has done great this week. She's spent a lot of time with alternate handlers and received great reports all round. One alternate handler did some joint traing practice with Sweetdream and Casey Ceith, sitting and doing down/stays together, and had so much fun with them both. Sweetdream is sunny: she stole a bar of soap from someone's bed and ran back to her bed area, not wanting to let it go! She also wanted to lick an inmate's feet - turned out she was licking at the Oil of Olay.... Her new thing is bowling for kibble where you throw a piece of kibble and she chases after it. She loves this and gets to do it as a reward after training sessions. Boy does it wear her out! Sweetdream can now shake her paw, an extra command she has learned thanks to her handler's bunkie, who taught her this past week. So she's practicing it to be ready to introduce herself to her new family.