Boc's Sweetdream is doing great! She did wonderfully with both of her alternate contacts this week. She had fun playing with a male grey from a neighboring dorm and playing with squeaky toys. She also did well off leash out on the field. Though she didn't run, she had fun practicing down/stay on the field. She enjoys this command and loves it when you release her with "here." It's a big game to her. Sweetdream knows her commands well. She's smart and eager to please, so when you ask something of her she will usually do it, especially for kibble. She can be stubborn at times but consistency and firmness works well. This little girl is a sweetheart, confident, outgoing, playful, loving, smart and eager to please. She's not only touched her handler's heart, but everyone else's that she has met. You just can't help but adore her.