A Gentleman and a Scholar

We have reached the end of Mojo’s training, and his trainer is so glad to see another great dog move on to another stage of his life. Mojo has made this session quite a breeze, because he was such a quick and efficient learner. His trainer has no doubt that he will make the transition to pet life with no problem at all. Mojo is always eager to please and consistently calm. He is going to make a great addition to your family!

Laid Back To The MAX

This week was swap week here at Second Chance Greyhounds Academy. This is a week where the trainers swap dogs with another team to see how the dog reacts to being around new people and taking commands from someone other than their primary trainer. Mojo did not have any separation anxiety and was always ready to perform his basic commands from whomever asked. Mojo is always happy when he comes out of his kennel for dog runs, free time or a good petting. He is very friendly to all humans and seems and no-one is a stranger to Mojo. He is also VERY laid back and I mean VERY. Mojo should have no problems making the transition from athlete to a treasured family pet. He’s got this retirement thing down to a science.

Cool, Calm, and Collected

It’s been another relaxed week with Mojo. He has been enjoying his running time on the big yard. Mojo’s mentality towards life is “Go with the flow”, because that’s just what he does. He never seems over excited about anything and nothing changes his good mood. He just loves life. He loves eating and sleeping the day away. A true lounge hound. He’s not a fan of playing with toys, but he does love a good run every now and then.

He has mastered all his commands including the extra “paws up”. He will definitely be ready to go to his forever home in a couple of weeks. Mojo is a great dog and his trainer has thoroughly enjoyed his time with him. Merry Christmas from Mojo!

Just Chillin'

Mojo continues to impress and make his inmate trainer proud.  He’s more accepting of kennel time, but prefers to be out and about with his human.  He’ll whine requesting to come out to hang out with everyone else.  He still hasn’t found a love for toys yet, but you never know, the idea may start appealing to him.  He will acknowledge them and occasionally pick one up, but there’s no enthusiasm in the act.  

Mojo is a docile guy who prefers to relax on his bed and watch the day go by.  He enjoys a good walk and runs like the wind when playing in the big yard.  He’s a joy to be around and you can’t help but feel happy around him.  


Lazy Days

Mojo's training through this past week has been fairly steady. He really knows all that he needs to know to be a good house hound. His personality is still pretty reserved and his moments of excitement are limited to when he is running at top speed. He had a moderate racing career, and you can tell from how he runs now that he enjoys it. Mojo is a laid-back dog; he will entertain a chew toy for a few brief moments, but he's not a serious romper when it comes to play time. He genuinely seems content to lie on his bed and nap or watch people. He is a true gentle soul and his presence is sure to warm any heart during the winter cold!

Ahead of the game

Mojo has had a progressive week!  Other members of his training team have been working on giving him commands and he responds well to everyone!  So the one thing that Mojo is not too crazy about is having his teeth brushed.  With a little bribery he’ll get on board for a little teeth brushing but he’s over it pretty quick.  

As far as training goes Mojo is ahead of the game.  He knows his commands and doesn’t mind following through with verbal or hand signal ques.  His inmate trainer says that Mojo seems to adapt well to change.  He has a loving personality and is sure to make his new forever family very happy. 

Mojo's the man

Well it’s official. Mojo has learned all of his basic commands, even jump. He has been tested in all sorts of ways and it’s safe to say Mojo gets it! He is highly motivated by treats and that drives him to excellence when it comes to performing his commands. He is going to make some family jump for joy and do a happy dance to have this boy in their lives. Check back next week to see what Mojo has been up to.

He's got the Mojo!

Mojo has definitely lived up to his trainer’s expectations! He is an extremely fast learner and accepting of his training regimen. He has learned all of his commands except for jump, which he hasn’t bee introduced to yet. Mojo seems willing and motivated to please and he still carries a loving and playful personality. His trainer is seriously considering teaching him a bunch of extra tricks just for kicks!

His trainer is very impressed and excited about Mojo’s learning abilities - who knows, maybe this guy will be doing standard deviations and memorizing the laws of thermodynamics by graduation time! His trainer has no doubt that he will have the same effect on his new forever family. Mojo is such a great dog to have and you won’t hesitate to let him into your heart!

Lounge Hound

Mojo has been busy impressing his inmate trainer this week with his doggie intellect.  He has grasped the understanding of action = reward. Once he has consistency down pat, he’ll be a rock star!  

Mojo’s personality has remained laid back and calm.  His inmate trainer calls him a lounge hound because he doesn’t mind just hanging out for the majority of the day.  He will play when you get him going, but calms easily with a simple “bed” command. It doesn’t seem to bother him that the fun is over.  He walks really well on the leash and never seems to be in a hurry to get anywhere. He follows whatever pace his inmate trainer sets for him. 

Laid back boy

Mojo has been in the program for 5 days and he’s been working on learning his name.  His inmate trainer says that Mojo seems like a very laid back and calm guy.  He’s accepted his new environment with very little protest.  They haven’t started actual training yet as they’ve been working acceptance and friendship.  

Hi inmate trainer says that he believes that Mojo will do well with training.  Once he figures out that treats follow a job well done it’ll all be history!