Foster Home Living

Hi, my name is Angel.  I've been in my new foster home for a few weeks now.  At first I was a bit nervous because there are 4 other hounds here.  However, I am feeling much more comfortable now.  My foster mom has said that I am a good girl.  I don't potty in the house or bother anything.  I like to explore any room in the house when someone opens the door.  I like to check and see what is in the clothes dryer.  I wish I could help with the laundry.  

I like to play with the toys in the yard.  My foster mom throws them and I bring them back to her.  I go into my kennel each morning before she leaves for work and she gives me a nice treat to enjoy.  I like to play musical beds in this house, as there are 12 of them.   I know I am not allow to sleep on the human furniture but it's ok because I like the comfy beds they have for us hounds.  One of the greyhounds in this house, Talley, has become my favorite and we are good friends now.  I think I might like to have a forever home with just one other greyhound.

I am a beautiful girl and quite petite.  If you have a comfy bed in your house that I could lay on, would you like to be my forever home?  I am very loving with my humans and will give you kisses.



Angelica rocked her evaluation this week! Only her wait needs a little more work. Her handler loves this girl's personality: spunky, alpha, very smart and so sweet and loving. She adores people and will lay her head on your lap. She plays really well in the dorm and recently her handler found a large squeaky ball that she will chase outside - it made her handler's day! She's really enjoyed training and loving on Angelica and has learned a lot about herself in the process.


Angelica has had a good week. She knows all her commands and if she pulls on her leash, responds great if you stop and tell her to heel. She listens well and corrects great when needed. She enjoys playing fetch with her toys. This girl also enjoys having her ears cleaned but cleaning teeth and bath time aren't her favorites! She loves people and loves to be petted. She's sometimes a little hesitant with strangers but does fine once she's sniffed them to check them out! Angelica is her handler's "angel," though not always perfect! She's smart and loving and has been a pleasure to get ready for her forever home. Her handler will miss her so much.


Angelica continues to do well with her commands. Her stay command is not yet completely perfected but she is almost there. In addition to the basics, this  little girl knows lap (with a lure) and paws up/off, as well as advanced heel. She enjoyed the past weekend in a different dorm and adjusted and socialized well there. She responded great to her commands and in between enjoyed chilling in the dayroom and playing with toys. She did have some moments of stubbornness, especially as she pulled towards food, which she cannot resist. Her temporary handlers enjoyed this little girl, describing her as well-trained, loving and adorable, and providing them a welcome challenge with her mix of sweetness and occasional hard headedness!


Sweet Angelica has had a good week. She knows her commands and now her handler is focussing on practice. This week, she spent time on her heel walking and wait responses. Angelica loves everybody and loves to be loved. She's a sweetheart with people and so good natured. With the storms and rain over the weekend, she spent quite a bit of time inside, including lying on a comforter next to her handler, watching a movie! She curled up in her crate when the thunder boomed, but other than loud noises and thunder, there's isn't anything much that will scare this girl. Her handler says Angelica is so sweet and it's been a pleasure getting her ready for her or ever family.


Angelica is a sweet, smart and loving dog. This hound knows her commands and does a great down/bed/stay, allowing her handler to walk away from her and not move as other dogs and people go by her until she is released. She still pulls a little sometimes on leash but is quickly corrected. Extra commands include lap and paws up/off and she does an advanced heel. She loves people, will sniff first with strangers, but loves to be loved on. Angelica does not like getting wet, so bath time is not a favorite. She does well with nail clipping and loves her ears being cleaned. Teeth brushing, she's not so keen on! Her handler loves her!


Angelica's been working on her commands and has had a good week. She's been refining her sit, down, advanced heel, wait, lap, shake and bed. Her handler has been putting her in a bed stay, and Angelica has remained in position while people and other dogs come and go, until she is released. She almost did it perfectly, too, when she had her assessment, but moved at the last minute, so she will be practicing more in the coming week! Angelica is very smart and has made great progress. She's so very sweet with people. Her handler loves her!


Angelica has had a very good week. This girl is responding to her commands but needs more work on stay, though if she's on her bed, she'll do a great stay until released.  She still pulls on leash, which her handler is focussing on. Angelica loves everybody. She plays great in the dorm. She also loves her food! She is dominant in a greyhound group, especially with females. This lovely hound is making good progress and her handler is enjoying this time getting her ready for her forever home.


Angelica is great with people. She loves to hug on and lick anyone and everyone. She's coming along with her training and although she can get distracted and not respond quickly yet, she is learning her commands and has been practicing heel walking, sit, down, kennel, wait and bed this week. Angelica's handler loves her energy. She let her off leash outside this week but this girl ran for the door! She loves being inside and plays great with her toys.


Angelica has had a very good and productive week. She is progressing well on sitting, down, kennel and wait, and though she doesn't get it every time, her handler is really pleased with how well she is doing in her first week. Her handler is focusing on training her to walk to heel as she pulls quite a bit at the moment. This girl is full of energy. She loves toys, especially squeaky toys. Unlike some of the other hounds, she's not in love with the kiddie pool and just walks around in it and then out! She's very playful and loves people - she'll lick you if she can!

First Impressions - 5/19/13

Angelica came in happy and excited. Her pulling on leash needs work, but she's very smart and is already starting to understand commands, responding to wait and kennel. Her ears perked up right away when she heard one of the inmates squeaking a toy, so her handler thinks she's going to be a good player. Angelica loves to lick you and loves to be rubbed. She has a fun personality and is sweet and loving with people.