Ready for the retirement life

Ace’s time at Second Chance Greyhounds Academy is coming to an end. His trainer says Ace is an interesting greyhound. He’s a smart boy and once he feels he can trust you he’s very loyal. Some loud noises and sudden movements still startle him, but his trainer is sure that once he’s in his forever home, and has formed a bond with his new family, his personality will blossom. Give this sweet boy a chance. Ace takes a little more time to get used to change. Just like some humans.

Take care Ace, and good luck in your new home! You will make a fabulous pet.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Hey there! It is week 9 and Ace has continued to show improvement with his shyness, although certain noises still startle him, he is doing soooo much better. But this guy knows all 13 of his commands and is practicing them every day, working on consistency. Ace is so smart and loving, his training team knows that he will make a great addition to his family! Until next time, see ya later and have a good one!

Shower Ace with Love

This week Ace has walked around in the dorm and lounged around on his bed.  His inmate trainer says that Ace has gotten comfortable around him and is adjusting to the loud noises around him.  He says that is greyt to see Ace relaxing.  Ace is a smart guy who has a very loving nature. He likes to run and can get playful at times.  His inmate trainer says you can’t help but smile with happiness watching Ace play.  

There is a cute little puppy in training and Ace doesn’t seem to mind having her around.  He seems to be happy to see her when they are together. Ace’s inmate trainer says that he has no doubt that Ace will bring happiness into his new home.  He hopes that Ace’s new family will shower this sweet guy with toys and treats!


Getting Better All the Time

During week seven of training for Ace, secondary trainers are allowed to get more involved with training. Ace’s secondary trainer spent as much time as needed with Ace, and it was an adventure! Ace has become a dorm favorite, and is bonding very well with both of his trainers. Ace is going to make a loving pet and awesome member of his new family. He loves to be loved on and petted and he doesn’t mind being hugged, either!

He has improved with his reactions (or lack thereof) to sudden mysterious noises, and sudden movements. As a lifelong pet owner, his secondary trainer sees great potential and infinite loving companionship for whoever is lucky enough to snag Ace. When this guy gets to the big yard for running time, he gets so excited and starts wagging his tail like a propeller! Both of his trainers have loved working with Ace and are really going to miss him. He shows improvement every day and just gets better and better all the time.

Ace for the Win!

Week six and Ace is making great progress.  He’s a very smart boy who can be easily distracted at times.  He knows most of his commands with hand signal and verbal cues. He’s still working on “down” and “leave it.”  His inmate trainer believes that he’ll get those figured out soon.

His inmate trainer says that Ace is still shy and adjusting to the sounds in his new environment. During feeding times his inmate trainer has been having Ace eat in front of everyone.  His inmate trainer is very proud of the progress Ace has made and believes that his confidence will continue to grow.


Sweetie Pie

Hey there!

It’s week five, which means we are halfway through the session. Ace has continued to make progress, although he is still a bit shy, but is coming out of his shell. Some greyhounds take more time to get used to change and Ace is one of them. Patience and love are the key. He seems to be getting more comfortable at the dorm and he now knows all but one of his 13 basic commands. Surely if he continues to learn and be the great greyhound he is, then by the next report, he will have that one mastered! And then it’s on to learning some cool extras that you can dazzle your friends with!

Until next time… ciao!

Handsome Guy

Hey there! It is week 4 and Ace has really been improving with his shyness. They had another show and tell and he got 10’s across the board on his commands, so now he is ready to start working on jump and down. When he first arrived, all he wanted to do was stay in his kennel, but now he’s venturing out more in the dorm and learning about his surroundings. He still gets a little startled by new sounds, but he is improving every day.

Check back next week and see what Ace explores next!

Gimme a little loving

Ace is adjusting to his new environment a little more each day.  He’s a shy guy who just takes a little longer to warm up.  He’s a smart boy who likes to know who he’s dealing with before jumping in.  A little trust goes a long way in his book. He enjoys being loved on and will stand and enjoy pets as long as you’re willing to dish them out! 

This week they had Show and Tell so the senior trainers could grade the two week training progress. His inmate trainer is proud to report that Ace did great!  He’s got Hurry, Let’s Go, Kennel, Release, Wait, Heel, and Here down pat.  Sit, Bed and Leave it are still works in progress. He’s thinking about Down and Jump, but hasn’t been convinced yet that he wants to follow through with those.  His inmate trainer knows that he’ll come around and follow through with those commands soon. 

Unlimited Potential!

Hi there! It is week 2 and Ace is showing improvement in his training. He now heels very well and is great at leash walking. When he arrived, he was very unsure of what was going on and where he was, but he seems to be coming out of his shell more and more every day. His trainer knows he will continue to learn and adapt here at Jenkins, and his potential to learn will prove to be endless since he’s such a smart and loving greyhound! Check back next week for an update on Ace’s progress! Ace out.  

An "Ace" in the hole

After spending the first weekend with Ace, his trainer can already tell he is going to be a breeze to train.  He’s such a handsome boy with a gorgeous coat of unique colors to boot.  He is already picking up the wait command, both coming out of the kennel and going through thresholds.  

Ace took no time figuring out what the pillow was for in his kennel.  He absolutely LOVES it!  This big baby will make a wonderful addition to any family with hearts big enough to allow him in!  See you next week!