Your next best bud...Tigger!

Well, this is Tigger’s last week at Jenkins and his trainer’s are sad to see him go, but glad to know he has a forever home and family to go to. Tigger had his final exam and he performed very well. Even with all the distractions during testing,

Tigger is an easy going guy and a well-behaved pup. He doesn’t care much about toys, but likes to play with his humans. Tigger is an all around greyt dog and his trainers know you will have a blast with him.

Tiggers are contagious

Tigger’s alternate inmate trainer says that this has been the best swap week ever!  He said that he immediately noticed how gentle Tigger was. He settled in with no problems and wasn’t shy about being around any of the alternate team members.  He was happy and excited to show off his training skills. His alternate inmate trainer says that Tigger’s enthusiasm is contagious.  Feeling happy around this guy is not an option. It just happens!  

Wondering about swap week? The inmate trainers swap dogs to see how the dogs do being away from their primary handlers. It gives them a chance to see how the dogs respond to commands from someone new.  

Special Guy

This week, Tigger did commands in front of the entire dorm for show and tell. He did really well considering the number of distractions, and how excited he was. He has been doing so well and is SUCH a smart dog.

Surprisingly, a couple of times this week Tigger has been the one leading his classmates during their run on the big yard. He does loves to run, and it is a joy and wonder to watch. Besides his commands, his trainer has been working on a few extra commands that he thought a forever family might like. One is “shake,” and he does this one from a sitting position. You turn your palm upside down and he will lay his paw right in your hand!

He is also learning “bow” which he already does when coming out of his kennel and stretches, so this one was a breeze to teach. Hold your second and third fingers side by side and make a sweeping motion going from the top down, almost like a “U” with your fingers and he will bow!

This coming week, he will be with another trainer for the entire week to see how he does with someone else; His commands, how he acts - everything will be new to him!

It won’t be long before Tigger graduates and then he will be ALL YOURS! His trainer hopes you enjoy having him around as much as he has. Take care, and happy holidays from Team Tigger!

Handsome hound

Tigger is doing very well at week 7. He has acclimated to the facility and training schedule. He has a good relationship with the other dogs and people. Toys aren’t his favorite thing to play with, but he loves a good game of chase with his humans.

Tigger is extremely treat motivated and his trainer says his happiest time of the day is when food is involved. Breakfast or dinner. It doesn’t matter. Food is the way to Tigger’s heart. It also makes training easy. For the most part Tigger receives 10’s during show and tell. Tigger is an all around greyt hound and is ready to be your next best friend.

Bouncy Bubbly Boy!

This week was spent working on STAIRS! For Tigger, it seemed like it was just another adventure for him. He went right up them with his tail wagging and wanting to explore the top. There is always something new for him to smell and investigate.

Going down the stairs was no problem, either. Tigger and his trainer did it a few times, and after those few times it felt more like a game than training! What can we say - Tigger makes everything easy. He got all 10s during show and tell for the basic commands - again! He is such a smart boy. Plus, he's treat-motivated which makes him SO easy to train!

Tigger's trainer has started working with him on "shake" - when he is in a sit position for you, turn your palm up in from of you, and he will put one paw in your hand. He is slowly but surely getting there - it doesn't take this guy long to figure things out

Well, that's all for this week - check back next week for more in the adventures of the terrific Tigger!

A Greyt catch

As Tigger’s trainer is writing this, Tigger is in his kennel “roaching” with all four paws in the air. His mouth partly open, tongue hanging out and it’s not even “tongue-out” Tuesday. He’s such a goofy boy!

This week Tigger scored all 10’s across the board on his commands. It helps that he is so eager to please and loves treats! Next week his trainer may work on an extra command or two.

Tigger is such a happy dog. That tail is wagging most of the time. Another thing that gets that tail a wagging is getting to run and play. He enjoys running with the other greyhounds like at the track. They all try to be in the lead. If Tigger’s not running with the other dogs, he will run towards his trainer and veer off at the last second. If you take off running, he will chase you or run beside you. He looks at you like “is that the fastest you can go?” Come on man! Pick up the pace!

What kine of pup are you looking for? Tigger is playful, happy, loving, well-trained and eager to please, not to mention a beautiful dog. Sounds like a great catch!

Better all the time!

Tigger has made it through another week. He is such a good boy! His trainer can’t help but smile when it’s feeding time, he sees his bowl of food, and starts running through his commands without even being asked. It is so funny! First he sits, then he downs, then he heels. He does whatever he can to get food - he is a real chow-hound!

He started working on jump recently and he took to it with no problems. His trainer does not foresee him having trouble jumping in the back of an SUV, van or truck. He thinks it is fun to jump! What can we say - he’s a happy guy!

Once he learned how to sit, it took him only a few days to learn how to do a down - he is a smart dog for sure!

As his trainer was writing this week’s entry, Tiger was fast asleep on one of the day beds out in the middle of the dorm. He is getting used to relaxing in a room with people walking and working around him. He has been so good and just gets better all the time!

Well, this is all for this week - hope you keep in touch with Tigger’s progress. Stay tuned for more adventures!

Tail Wagging Tigger

Did you know that Sit is one of the hardest commands for a Greyhound to learn?  Well, not for Tigger he performed it with ease!  It took about 3 days of him sitting with assistance then he started doing it on his own!  Needless to say he’s a fast learner.  His inmate trainer says that Tigger is making it easy for him. It doesn’t take Tigger long to figure things out.  Well, it doesn’t hurt that he’s highly treat motivated as well.  He doesn’t really care what flavor he just wants to earn that reward! 

Tigger comes out of his kennel with his tail wagging and goes back in at the end of the day with it still wagging.He’s happy all day long; most especially at mealtime. You can’t help but feel happy when you’re around him.

Ahead of the Curve

Another good week for Tigger! His trainer has been introducing him to new commands and letting him understand the concept before getting down and learning it. He is doing really well after such a short period of time. He is catching on so fast! He’s even doing well on his leash training and “heel.” He even does it on his own without being asked to sometimes! He is not only a handsome pup, but a smart one, too. It doesn’t take him long to figure things out, especially if it involves food! He loves his snacks and treats of all kinds.

If you are looking for a smart, loving, friendly and laid-back greyhound… then look no further. He is here! Til next time, Tigger and his trainer want to say take care, and hope you check back on more of his adventures in the coming weeks!

The Wonderful thing about Tigger is... He's the only one!

Tigger came into the academy with tail wagging, curious and ready to go check out the new sights and smells.  He had a busy first day getting a bath, ears cleaned and nails clipped all while taking it in stride.  Tigger is a gorgeous brindle boy that is sure to catch your eye.  That’s the wonderful thing about Tigger is he’s the only one! ( from Winnie Pooh).

For the past few days Tigger’s trainer has been bonding  and gaining his trust.  Next week is the start of Tigger’s new adventures in training.  Stay tuned…