Tail Wagging' Happy Boy

Swap week time.  Blitz’s alternate inmate trainer says that Blitz is a loving dog who enjoys toys and running in the big yard. He loves attention and will wag his tail with happy excitement 90% of the time.  

Wondering how he did on his commands with his alternate training team?  Well… he did a fantastic job!  He follows through with his commands quickly and efficiently.  His alternate inmate trainer says there’s no doubt in his mind that he’s going to make a wonderful addition to his new family.  



Chill Dude

Blitz has had an exceptional week 8! He is surely a one-of-a-kind guy. He is so smart and enjoys people and is really eager to please. He knows all of his basic commands and enjoys lying on his bed while spending time with his humans.

His trainer has not found any aggressive behavior of any kind whatsoever toward anything. He is so treat-motivated that there really is no reason he couldn’t be trained to do anything you can imagine. Blitz loves peanut butter, so his trainer puts some in his kong for him to enjoy while relaxing. He is such a great dog and you are going to LOVE this hound!

Perfect Pup

Blitz is doing very well, having scored perfect 10s across the board on his training evaluation this week! When he first arrived, his trainer noted that Blitz was a mid-sized greyhound with a beautiful coat and quiet demeanor. He seemed nervous until he realized just how much he was loved in the dorm, and after adjusting to his new environment, his training has taken off into the stratos!

Now he and his trainer have lots of fun together. He is friendly toward both humans and other dogs, and he loves getting affection. He is also a very inquisitive boy and goes up to people readily. He has such an all-around good personality! After the first couple of weeks of getting used to training, Blitz really started to learn quickly and started showing how clever he really is. He is an obedient dog who is ready for his new forever home!

His trainers are having no issues with him and are confident that he will graduate easily and make an AMAZING pet. Sometimes he shows off his funny little quirks like scratching the grass after going to the potty, just like a kitty, and it always makes his trainers smile. Blitz is not short on adorable antics! When he graduates from Second Chance, his trainers are certain that he will flourish in his newfound freedom. It makes his trainers happy to think of because he deserves it! He is a very special dog who will make a delightful friend to anyone and everyone he meets.

Blitz. Santa's next reindeer.

Blitz is ready for Christmas holiday and already told Santa, if he needs a replacement for Blitzen, he is ready to fill those big shoe! After all, he’s got the name and the speed to help pull the sleigh.

On the training side, Blitz is doing just fine. He knows all his basic commands, but can be slow on the “release” command sometimes, only because he enjoys the “sit” and “down” positions so much. He “sits'“ for everything. If he sees someone with something, he will “sit” hoping for just a little tasting of whatever they have. He’s such a silly boy!

He enjoys hanging out with his humans and will try and sneak on their lap. Silly Blitz, laps are for little dogs! His trainer has found no aggressive behaviors towards anything whatsoever. He is going to add so much love and joy to his forever family. I hope it’s you.

Calm, Collected, Cute as heck

Blitz has had an exceptional week! He knows all of his basic commands and with a few of them, he is still slow to respond but will have no problems performing them on the first try when asked. He really enjoys his training sessions and chilling outside of his kennel, just relaxing on his day bed. His trainer has found no aggressive behavior at all towards anything. Blitz is a joy to be around and such a loving dog who has never met a stranger. He brightens everyone’s day and loves doing it. He gets excited at times but does calm down easily.

Blitz has been a joy in his trainer’s life and his trainer treasures every moment he gets to spend with him. He loves treats and will do anything for one - he’ll even do his commands for some affection! His trainer even ended his weekly report with “thank you so much for letting me train him!” Doesn’t that just melt your lil holiday heart?

Anything for a treat!

Blitz has had a wonderful week. He gets so excited and is eager to please. He knows all of his basic commands but is slow on some of them. It’s just having him to do them the first time you ask that is the problem, but he has plenty of time to learn! And he has had no problems with the learning process - slow and steady wins the race!

His trainer has found no aggressive behavior toward anything whatsoever. He is a very loving, laid-back hound and will make a great addition to any home. Blitz is treat-motivated and will perform for ANYONE. Anything for a treat!

He really likes his Kong toy with peanut butter in it, especially when relaxing on his bed. Relaxing AND snacking? Sign me up!

Blitz has really helped his trainer get through the holiday season, which can be lonesome for the inmates - the opportunity to train him and keep him company has been such a blessing!

Attention Hound

Another successful week for Blitz. He will do all his basic commands, except jump (which he hasn’t been taught yet). He can be a little slow at performing some of them, but hey, it’s only week 3. Stairs were just introduces and Blitz did great. He is so smart and enjoys his training sessions.

Blitz is a well behaved boy. He loves to walk around, visiting everyone, getting all the attention he can. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or greyhound. Blitz loves them all! If he’s not walking around, he loves to lounge around with his human soaking up the love. Now that’s the life of a retired racing greyhound for you.

One Superb Hound

Blitz has had a great week! He is so smart and enjoys people and all his doggy classmates. He loves lying on his day bed while you pet him, and he is such a loving dog. He has acclimated very well here with his primary trainer as well as the other trainers. He walks well on the leash and his trainer has discovered no aggressive behavior toward anything. He doesn’t like kibble too much, but he LOVES treats. He learns easily on his own terms. He picks up on everything so quickly! His trainer will wake up in the morning and look over at his kennel, and Blitz is just sitting in his kennel like he was taught, waiting for the day to start. It’s almost like he is smiling and saying “look at me!” Blitz is a wonderful dog and will make a fantastic addition to any home – thank you for checking him out, and check back next week!

Laidback Lad

Blitz has had a great first few days! His trainer has been spending time with him and bonding with this lovable guy. He is so smart and enjoys people, and is just such a laid-back, gentle hound. He and his trainer have been working on bed and leash etiquette. He walks well on a leash and this guy is treat-motivated to the max. He shouldn’t have ANY problems learning. He has already acclimated well to being in the dorm at Jenkins. What a cool dude!

Blitz’s trainer has a special message for everyone reading this: “Thank you for allowing me to train Blitz. He is such a sweet companion and you are going to love this guy!”