Squeaky Toys for Days

Paris is doing great! She loves playtime, especially when squeaky toys are involved. Those are her absolute favorite. She of course loves to run and enjoys chewing on her bone and sleeping. Paris gets very excited during playtime and then lies on her bed to chew on whatever the toy de jour is.

Her progress with leash walking has been phenomenal and she knows all of her commands. I hope your heart is ready for this special gal, because she’s bounding into yours very, very soon!

P.S. Oh, and peanut butter is her Kryptonite! She would do anything for it. So have some ready for her!!!

Here Comes Paris!!

Paris had an exceptional week during swap week. She is such a sweetheart. She knows all of her commands and didn’t have a problem performing them for her “swap week” trainer. He found “zero” aggressive behaviors with her towards anything. She’s an easy-going gal that enjoys relaxing on her bed with her "Kong” filled with peanut butter just watching the day go by. Don't get me wrong, she does enjoy getting lots of attention from her humans too.

Paris is very treat motivated and should have no problems learning new things. She can get excited at times, especially at feeding time. Who doesn’t, but she calms easily. Look out world! Here comes Paris!

A Ray Of Sunshine

Paris is doing really well! Her inmate trainer says that with every day that passes Paris comes out of her shell a little more.  She enjoys playtime and since she knows all of her commands it’s just a time to show out for treats!   She loves to lounge around on her bed in the day room napping and watching the activity around her.  

Her inmate trainer says that Paris never ceases to make him smile.  He’s sure that her new family will be the same way since you can’t help but be happy around her.  

Best time of the day... Playtime!

Paris enjoys lounging around in the day room on her bed.  She likes to watch everything going on and napping.  She’s getting pretty serious about retirement.  She’s doing really well with all of her commands. Her inmate trainer says it’s amazing to see how far she’s come since arriving.  She still goes on high alert at loud noises.  She has become much more tolerant of them.  

Playtime is her absolute favorite time of the day.  She catches and shakes her favorite toy, a stuffed hedgehog.  Her inmate trainer says that he’s fallen in love with this sweet girl and that he’s sure that whomever adopts her will love her too!  




Paris is truly blossoming into a fun-loving pup! She has progressed so much over the last few weeks. She is still timid around new people she doesn't know, and sudden loud noises tend to frighten her, but give her time to warm up to you and she’s your friend for life. She is also becoming increasingly playful and curious. She loves to play in the training room and especially throwing, catching and shaking her toys around. She does very well with her commands and will make a great addition to some laid-back family's home!

Always up for a belly rub

Paris is doing wonderfully! She received all 10s on 12 of the 13 basic commands.  She needed a little treat bribery before following through with “down”.  Once payment was received she was just fine with following through.  She’s very treat motivated and will sit in anticipation of receiving a reward for a job well done.  Her inmate trainer says that Paris is playing more and more these days.  She’s found a favorite toy hedgehog squeaky.  She’ll throw it around and squeak up a storm. You can’t help but smile when she’s playing.  

Paris loves belly rubs and if you stop she’ll paw at your hand until you agree to rub it some more.  Get ready to fall in love with this girl!  


Beautiful Gal

Paris has shown exceptional intelligence and is coming along so well with her commands. Stair training and jump come very easily for her. She is very playful with her toys in the training room, throwing them and squeaking them until she’s all tuckered out. She also loves a good belly rub (who doesn’t?). She is a very pulchritudinous dog (I know that sounds like a word describing a disease, but it actually means breath-takingly beautiful!) and has a beautiful coat that people can’t stop gawking at!

Until next time, see ya later!

For the love of toys...

Things are going well with Princess Paris this week. She seems to be acclimating to her new surroundings, taking everything in. She’s a smart girl and knows pretty much all of her commands well. “Wait and “leave it” need some improvement, but they are coming along She’s got the brains and the beauty.

Paris played with toys for the first time and wore herself out. She had a blast tossing them up in the air. Who knew stuffed squeaky toys could be so much fun. I’m not sure which she enjoys more, running on the big and small yard or toys. I think it’s a tie. Check back soon for more fun times with Paris.

Princess Paris

The racing people gave me the name RS Jackpot, but does that do my beauty justice? I guess not, because now my name is Paris! That fits my princess persona much better. Jenkins is such a strange new place! So many new sounds, smells and people. I keep a close eye on everything around me. My trainer, who I refer to as Food Guy, has taught me how to sit, bed, heel, hurry, let’s go and kennel. I do these things for him because he gives me lots of love and TREATS. So it’s safe to say I trust this cool cat. He even takes me out to run in the mornings with my classmates. I LOVE to run! That feeling of the cool autumn air against my face makes me remember running back at the track. I hope when my training is over, I get to go to a loving family with plenty of room to zoom!

One Smart Cookie

Paris is doing well her first week in the training program.   She seems to acclimating to her new environment well.  Her inmate trainer says that he can already tell that she’s gonna be one smart cookie!  Over the last 4 days she’s already learned let’s go, heel, bed, hurry, release, and here. She does really well in the kennel and seems to enjoy her relaxation time.  

She is a little shy when she meets someone new, but warms up quickly.  She’s just taking things as they come.  Her inmate trainer says he’s looking forward to the weeks ahead with this sweet girl!