Rollin Smoke continued with another good week, doing amazingly in his evaluations. Despite distractions, he remained focused and his handler was so proud. This hound is loving, loyal, playful, friendly and easy to train, with only an occasional stubborn moment! He gets along with people and dogs alike and loves to cuddle up with you. He enjoys toys and balls and will chase them for as long as you are willing to throw them! He's a wonderful boy.


Another great week for Rollin Smoke! Some of the girls have given him the nickname "Ice King," this boy loves ice. If you give him a bowl of iced water, he'll drink all the water to get to the ice cubes and then eat them all! He will even do commands for an ice cube - it's very cute! Rollin Smoke has been doing really well in his training. During his first couple of weeks he was very reluctant to do anything, but he's come a long way and now does of his commands on just a verbal cue. He's even learned how to high five! The time with this great boy has flown by. He's going to be a wonderful addition to some lucky family, but his handler is sure going to miss him and the way he makes her smile every day.


Rollin Smoke has had a good week, despite the bad weather keeping the hounds indoors more of the time. He seemed to love the chance to play in the dorm and be pampered by the dorm residents all day. He also did a weekend dorm switch and had a great time with his two temporary handlers and they with him. One of them wrote what a pleasure it was to have this sweet boy, sort of shy, but who loves to play. "I got on the floor with him with a book and he put his head on my leg and melted my heart," she said. He did all his commands in the new dorm. He also demonstrated his nesting technique, amusing the handlers as he used his head to move the pillows and blankets in his kennel to where he wanted them. Everyone who takes Rollin Smoke or interacts with him immediately loves him. It's hard not to!


Rollin' Smoke has had a great week! He's doing well with his training and does all his commands very proficiently, responding both to hand signals and verbal cues. Just his sit and sit/stay are a little slower now. His handler still has to use a lure or reward sometimes but is so proud of how far this stubborn boy has come in his training and in how he holds his head up with pride, his confidence showing. For his contact time this week, he spent time with his favorite inmate. He absolutely loves her and she adores this happy boy, too.


Rollin Smoke is very easy to take care of. He's happy, loving, loyal and playful. He follows you everywhere you go and gets on well with people and other dogs. This week he got to meet one of the Easter Seal dogs named Sadie. She's very friendly and curious about the greyhounds. Fearless, too, she will walk right up to any of them. Rollin Smoke and Sadie got along great. He wasn't bothered by her at all. He's very laid back. This boy loves being outside and this past week was a combination of outdoor fun and walking and practicing commands. On his training, he's still a little slow responding to here and bed, but is doing so much better with each week. Sit/stay is his biggest challenge and he and his handler are working really hard on it. Rollin Smoke is really relaxed when his handler grooms him - he's very easy to manipulate. He especially enjoys being bathed as he loves water; he'll lie for a long while in the kiddie pool. This loving boy really enjoys hugs and leans in to make the most of them. He will also lie with you on the floor and cuddle up - he's such a lover!


It's been yet another great week for Rollin Smoke. He is such a wonderful dog! Rollin Smoke is doing well with his training. He's quick to learn new commands and knows sit, down, wait, bed, heel and shake. His down/stay is very good but his sit/stay still needs some work; he tends to slide into a down!  This boy will let you know when he's reached his limit and has had enough. He decided to lie down on his way back from a walk last week when out with an alternate contact! The whole dorm absolutely adores him and he's also become quite infamous around the compound; girls are always stopping his handler and asking to pet this sweet boy.


Rollin Smoke had a good week and is progressing very well. This past weekend he did great staying with an alternate contact who described him as the "best greyhound ever." He got on great with her, visited everyone around the new dorm, accepted affection from everyone and stole toys from other dogs! Much of his weekend time was out on the rec and after his commands practice, he was let off leash to have some fun. Boy oh boy, that hound is fast! He loves to run and chase balls, especially those that squeak. He got good and tired running and playing all weekend. Rollin Smoke still jumps when he gets really excited, but when his handler corrects him, he immediately gets down. He is a very happy and friendly dog who gets along with every person and dog. When he spends time with other contacts, everyone says what a wonderful boy he is and how much they love him.


Rollin Smoke has had another very good week. Bit by bit his confidence is showing as his handler works with him. And when this boy is outside and playing off leash, he is a whole other dog. He is happy, confident, playful and very funny. It's amazing to see that side of his personality come out. He loves to run and play with toys and is particularly partial to balls and squeakies. This week the work with secondary contacts began and the two girls who got to spend time with Rollin Smoke absolutely loved him. The comments about him are always how easy he is and how well he responds to whoever has his leash. He's a smart boy and his training is coming along well. Heel walking needs some work and he will "stay" when you're next to him, but hasn't yet got the concept of staying when you walk away!


It's been a vey good week for Rollin Smoke. He's been a very sweet boy from the beginning and will go up to anyone and let them love on him. He loves toys and walks around the compound easily. He has shown a lack of confidence in new areas and so his handler sent him for a couple of nights to another dorm to work with a strong, self assured handler, with the aim of building this sweet hound's confidence by being around someone strong and confident. He came back in great spirits, happy and excited to see his regular handler and everyone in the dorm. The overnights away did him good, even though he was missed. Training is going well with Rollin Smoke and he's sitting on command already and responding well to his name.

First Impressions - 5/19/13

The first few days with Rollin Smoke have been wonderful. He is such a sweet boy and is calm, easy going, friendly and a complete lover! He's already a dorm favorite. He jumped up and kissed his handler the first time he met her (so the jumping is on her list to work on). Rollin Smoke shows no anxiety or fears; he loves everyone, is comfortable in his surroundings and is already roaching in and out of his kennel.