Attention is at the top of Rosie's list!

Rosie’s inmate trainer says that Rosie has been a blast to work with.  She knows all of  her commands and responds quickly and well.  She loves to run with the other greys and enjoys playing with toys.  She loves any kind of food and attention is at the top of her list.  

Rosie enjoys laying around and having her belly rubbed.  Her inmate trainer says that he’s going to miss having Rosie around, but knows she’ll find happiness with her new forever family.  He’s enjoyed his time with this sweet girl and hopes she has the best retirement life ever! 

Sweetheart to the Max

Swap week with Rosie is at an end, and it was a wonderful week! She is an absolute sweetheart, and just as easy-going as can be. There were no issues with separation anxiety or whining, or anything else that can happen when the dogs are placed in a new kennel with a swap week trainer who feeds them and tells them what to do!

Nothing difficult this week - swap week isn’t for teaching new tricks, it’s for going over what they already know and making sure they’ll obey commands from a stranger. Because when you first meet your hound, you’ll be a stranger, too! Rosie and her swap week trainer spent the week practicing leash walking, playing with toys, and going over commands a couple of times a day. Rosie is a little bigger than her swap week trainer’s primary dog, and is a little more eager to get where she wants to go. It took some work getting her to walk on her leash properly, but she managed wonderfully. All in all, it was a rather uneventful week, and that’s ideal for swap week.

Rosie the Romper

Rosie is doing great with her commands and gets along well with people and other dogs. Rosie loves to be loved on and will do anything to please you! She loves toys and she loves running. She will do anything for food and loves to romp, but is also very calm whenever playtime is over. She loves to learn new things, and her trainers can't wait to see what else she will do in the coming weeks!

Infinite Affection

Rosie is doing so well! She’s a happy and healthy hound, whose favorite things to do are run around on the big yard, play with squeaky toys, and EAT!

Rosie is progressing very well with her commands and knows them all. Her trainer is perfecting a few at a time so that when graduation day rolls up, she’ll knock it out of the park.

She’s so sweet and loves getting affection, so brace yourselves for infinite happiness and love - Rosie’s bringing BOTH!

Can't Resist Rosie!

It’s hard to believe it’s already 6 weeks into training!  Rosie is still doing really well.  Her inmate trainer has been working with her on toy etiquette.  When he says “give” she will let go of the toy and looks at him with teeth chattering excitement.  If she tries to take the toy out of his hand, he gives her the “leave it” command.  She’s doing really well with this one, but isn’t as fast responding just yet.  That toy is awful tempting!  It squeaks which is really hard to resist.  

Her inmate trainer says that he’s very pleased with her progress and believes that she’s going to make her new forever family very happy!  


Fast As Lightning

Rosie is doing so well at the Second Chance Greyhounds Academy of Higher Learning. She is such a smart and sweet girl. Everyone loves her. She’s hard to resist.

Rosie’s trainers worked on stair training for the second time, and of course, she did perfect like she does on everything else. Rosie can get excited at times, but calms down very quickly. She’s so funny. Rosie is also so sweet and loving that she brightens up your day with just one look into her big, brown eyes.

Rosie loves to run and is definitely the fastest greyhound there. The name Rapid Rosie fits her well. She knows her command “here” very well. As soon as her trainer says “here”, she’s by his side in a flash.

Rosie can’t wait to get to her forever home. She’s ready to give her forever family all the love in the world.

Rad Rosie

Welcome to week 4 with Rosie! Well, this has been an eventful week for both her and her trainer. She worked on stair training - it’s only about 6 steps to start with, but she did awesome! She went step by step with her trainer without jumping ahead or falling behind. You go girl!!

They also played with toys and Rosie does get a bit excited, but telling her to give calms her right down. She’ll let go quickly and without a fuss. This is a great command to have if your hound has something in their mouth that they shouldn’t!

Rosie also had another test, and just like the last time she did a wonderful job. She is just so loving and so excited to learn. Rosie continues to bring joy everywhere she goes and with everything she does!

Loving, Laid back Lady

Well, time is flying by at Second Chance Greyhounds Academy for higher learning and Rosie is taking it one day at a time. She has already learned all her basic commands and did great on her testing this week. She scored all 10”s! What a smart girl.

Rosie is also sweet, loving and very laid back. Her trainer said she is the most laid back dog ever. You can’t go wrong with this pup. Your heart is going to skip a beat when you and Rosie first meet! It will be love at first sight.

Happy-go-lucky Gal

Rosie has been doing wonderful this past week. She is consistently improving with her training and she is currently working on stay and down. It seems that stay is going well, but she’s having a tougher time with down. But she is working hard, and it’s still very early in the session.

She is the easiest dog to take to use the potty – absolutely no fuss. They hit the grass and she handles her business. Since Rosie has been at Jenkins, it’s been pretty clear that she loves food. One day this week she got peanut butter for the first time and it was like she had never had food before in her life! It was so funny to watch.

Rosie is a happy and healthy little gal, be sure to check back next week for more updates on this sweetie pie!

Look at me!

Day one has been super exciting with Rosie!  She took getting a bath, de-ticked and her ears cleaned like a champ!  She’s now been in the prison training program for 4 days, and  she’s adjusting very well to her new temporary residence.  Her inmate trainer has started working on the “bed” command with her.  When she’s in her kennel she’ll stand up for a bit and when she starts to lay down he says “bed” so that her natural action is tagged as a command.  She’s already putting it together and responding!  

Rosie got to run in the big yard today!  Her inmate trainer says that she’s super fast and fun to watch.  She loves kibble or treats and seems to be a happy playful girl. Other commands and toys coming soon!