Romper Stomper!

Dizzy has continued to progress in her understanding and acknowledgement of the basic commands. She no longer has moments of stargazing when she’s told to do a down or sit. She’ll also perform those commands for almost anyone now!

The real news for the week is her energetic playtime. She is a total romper! It started as a simple toss and catch with a knotted rope, and Dizzy would attack the rope with such enthusiasm. Her trainer continued tossing the rope back and forth across the play area and Dizzy would almost spring across to the other side in pursuit. Before too long, Dizzy was bouncing across the room and not even looking for the toy. It became like a game of tag, and they were both exhausted by the end of it! They had a wonderful time.

Dizzy is a great hound and she loves to be out and about. She’s normally fairly calm, but she does love to have fun during playtime!

Retirement is serious stuff

Dizzy knows all of her basic commands. Her inmate trainer says he plans to help her polish up her response times so that it becomes second nature.  

Dizzy enjoys affection and lounging around. Relaxing her time away is a favorite pastime.   She acknowledges toys but doesn’t go out of her way to play with them.  She enjoys being outside and running with her grey pals.  Her inmate trainer says that he’d never say this in front of Dizzy but she’s not the speediest of runners.  As long as she’s happy and having a good time, that’s all that matters anyway!  

Lovely Lady

Dizzy has expanded her knowledge of some of the basic commands this week and has almost mastered a few of them. She is a little bit hesitant on others, which is normal at this point in the program. Her leash walking etiquette has been good and she accepts behavioral corrections very well. She’s a sweet girl, so she doesn’t require much correcting anyway!

As Dizzy learns and masters more commands, her trainer will assess her behavioral motives to see what makes her tick, whether it’s toys or snacks or neck scratches – or all three! There is no doubt in her trainer’s mind that Dizzy will make a wonderful addition to any forever home lucky enough to get her!

Chugging along

Dizzy has shown a great deal of progress in week 2. She seems to have adjusted to her new environment well and has shown an aptitude to learn commands. She knows a treat follows a job well done. Her favorite command is “bed”. She likes to lay on her bed and take everything in. Overall, Dizzy has been a good dog to work with. Her trainer looks forward to the coming weeks, seeing Dizzy’s personality blossom and learn more of her basic commands. Until next week… Dizzy over and out.

Precious Girl

Dizzy came in with a much different personality than her trainer’s previous greyhound. She seemed much more curious and investigative about her new situation. She responded well to being bathed and having her ears cleaned.

Dizzy’s trainer trained Mojo in the previous class. Mojo made training seem so easy! Dizzy and Mojo seem to be similar in their traits and possibility in their training capabilities. We shall see.

While Dizzy seemed curious and a little more headstrong, she quickly calmed and adapted to the newness of her environment. In just a few days, she has learned the art of taking commands to get rewarded. She doesn’t quite understand the commands yet, but she understands that her response produces the possibility of a tasty treat. Dizzy has also shown improved levels of comfort and ability while leash walking. Check back next week to see how our girl Dizzy is doing!!!