Prepare for Your Heart to be Stolen!

Ivan’s trainer could not ask for a better friend right now! While in prison, it’s very easy to forget about the rest of the world going on outside, and it’s easy for inmates to forget who they are, too. It’s hard not to feel like the rest of the world has forgotten about you. But having been placed in the position to care for and train Ivan has given his trainer a new purpose in his life. “The responsibility for another life leaves no room to sulk and feel bad for myself,” he says. He gets to watch Ivan grow from a retired racer to a well-behaved and well-trained member of someone’s family! He can look back on those memories of training with pride, grateful that he got to be a part of it. Ivan is such a special, loving, gentle and affectionate dog.

“It’s a surprising thought that despite my mistakes and shortcomings, I will still make a positive impact on the countless people that will come into contact with my best friend, Ivan. He has been far more than a trainee here, he has basically transformed into the role of an emotional support dog! I will always owe a special thanks to Second Chance for the time Ivan and I have been able to share together.”

Doesn’t that just melt your heart?!

Your New Best Friend

Over the past week, Ivan has made tremendous progress in his training and continues to show his vast amount of unbridled potential! In addition to learning all of his basic commands, he has also made his first attempt at using the stairs. As expected, Ivan was cruising up and down after only one training session! Ivan is truly a one of a kind greyhound and is a TOTAL catch! Anyone looking for a new best friend?!

Ivan "The Terrific"

Ivan has discovered the joy of TOYS!! Whether it’s a squeaky toy, rope toy or tennis ball. Ivan loves them all! He changes from his otherwise laid back demeanor into a new dog. The toys really bring out the playful side of Ivan. So now at the end of every training session he gets a little play time for a reward. Is training doesn’t end when the toys come out, because his trainer works on toy etiquette. Ivan is learning to “sit” when he wants a toy, rather than jumping up to get it himself. He’s catching onto that concept quickly. Ivan is proving to be a quick learner and it’s exciting to see so much progress in such a short amount of time. He already knows “hurry”, “let’s go”, “kennel”, “here”, “sit” and “bed” well. His trainer will work hard this week on the commands he’s slow to respond to. Until next week…Ivan The Terrific says “see ya soon!”

One Cool Dude

It is now the end of week two and Ivan is coming along very nicely with his training. He seems to be fully adjusted to his new environment. Ivan is one of the most laidback and lovable pups to come through the program, according to his lucky trainer. He is always happy to rest his head in your lap while being rubbed behind the ears.

Ivan is the perfect combination of being easy-going and whip smart. He has already learned wait, stay, kennel, and is quickly getting used to sit and bed.  He certainly loves his treats, and training comes with lots of those! More to come on this cool dude.

I think I'm going to like it here!

Hi everyone!   My name is Ivan and I’m trying out this new thing called retirement.  So let me explain this new gig…  I got this inmate training team who feeds me treats!  Like alllll day!  Okay, so maybe that’s stretching the truth a little….

Now, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my racing career but there’s something to say about fluffy beds, treats on command, unlimited attention and endless new sights and sounds. I’ve been honing my investigative skills in this new place and it’s been so much fun!  

When I first arrived I was given the 5 star treatment.  All I can guess is that they know who I am based on my racing career.   Who knew I’d be this famous!  Anyway… I know I look stunning.  I mean my fur is really smooth , shiny and so soft and my teethies get brushed regularly.  I think I’m going to like it here!