Absolute Sweetheart!

Going into week five and Sally has been absolutely wonderful to work with! Sally started out as a fast learner and she has not slowed down yet! Her trainer continues to go through the basic commands with Sally and also the extras that are unique to her super sweet personality(spin, speak, shake, paws-up). She knows her commands with verbal cues and hand signals. The skies the limit with what this girl can learn.

Sally is very smart, well behaved and loves all the attention the trainers give her. She is a wonderful dog that gives 100 percent during training exercises. Sally is a loving dog that will keep you smiling…

A Cutie Ahead of the Curve

The one month mark has arrived and Sally is breezing right through the program here like no other greyhound her trainer has ever seen! He asks her all the time, “have you been here before?” She just looks at him with her ears flopped forward like she can really understand him.

He honestly believes sometimes that she can understand what he is saying to her. During the past week, they worked on reinforcing all of her basic commands and leash walking, all of which she excels at already. They also worked on a few extras such as bow, spin and shake. Sally has learned these with her amazing signature quickness!

Well, only six more weeks and Sally will be home with YOU! One of her favorite treats is a Kong with peanut butter and kibble in it. But she pretty much likes any and all types of treats! So whatever you have on hand is a good bet ;).

Wow! Just Wow!

WOW! Is the only word Sally’s inmate trainer can think of to describe this past week.  He says that she masters every command with ease.  During the weekly Show-N-Tell where they gauge the dogs progress Sally scored all 10s except for one 8 on “let’s go.” He says that Sally is the smartest dog he’s had the opportunity to work with.  She also has a great personality and loves attention.  

In the coming week, Sally’s inmate trainer plans to work with her on “leave-it” which she has yet to master.   It’s early yet, so he’s not worried about Sally’s ability to pick this one up.  

Sweet Sally

Sally’s second week has gone well. She has already learned to sit as well as heel, and is already showing herself to be an obedient leash walker.

She has also been working on stay, here and bed, in all of which she has demonstrated proficiency and progress. Sally is a very smart girl and is so eager to learn! She has great kennel manners and rarely makes a sound. Her trainer introduced her to a few toys this week, and after the initial shock of hearing them squeak, she started to play and romp around with them.

That is just one of the cool things about working with and training these dogs. The moment they figure out they can play with this fluffy, squeaky toy is one of the things that makes it so worthwhile. Her trainer says he looks forward to the remaining 8 weeks and watching Sally learn, play and excel in the program.

Brindle Beauty

Sally is busy taking in all the sights, sounds and smells at her new home.  She seems to be very smart and a fast learner.  Sally is already learning the “wait” command when coming out of her kennel and doing very well leash walking.  Sally has a great appetite and enjoys getting extra treats for a job well done. 

Sally is a sweet, beautiful brindle girl that loves to be petted and loved on.  Her trainer is looking forward to watching Sally blossom during the next 9 weeks.  Until next week…