Capturing Hearts Everywhere!

Lamont is doing great!  He’s been working on stair training and he’s accomplished them with ease.  He’s proven to be proficient with 13 of his basic commands.  

His inmate trainer says that Lamont is a happy and loving boy.  He’s not too crazy about hanging out by himself.  He much prefers to have everyone petting him and he’s always excited to meet new people.  He enjoys playing with toys and people and loves to run!  His inmate trainer says that Lamont is a great boy who is sure to capture your hearts!  

Bundle of Joy

Lamont is doing greyt! They did stair training this week, and he didn’t have any problems with it. He walked slowly up and down the stairs very well. His training team has been working on differentiating between when it’s play time and when it’s not. Lamont still has a lot of puppy energy left in him and wants to play quite a bit, especially when he meets a new person! He is just so happy all of the time. This very smart and loving boy is coming along very well with his commands.

Happy, Happy Boy!

Lamont is doing fantastic!  He’s coming along with his basic commands.  He’s a little slow responding to some of the commands, but it’s mainly because playing seems so much more fun!  His inmate trainer is working on teaching him the difference between work and play.  

Lamont is getting along great with the other dogs .He’s all fun loving and playfulness with his tail wagging with happiness all the time.

Mega Love for Mega Lamont!

Mr. Lamont is doing wonderfully in his new environment! Acclimating to his new surroundings was no problem for this guy. He has shown above par intelligence and willingness to learn new things, such as the 13 basic commands. He is energetic at times, but he is also only a year old.

Lamont has yet to meet a stranger – in fact, he is quite persistent in receiving affection from everyone he sees. Needless to say, he is a real people dog and those who meet him just can’t help but fall in love with his playful, loving nature. His trainer is having a wonderful time with him as his trainer and he is sure that Lamont will make some lucky family insanely happy someday soon!

Here for the party(training)

This first week, Lamont and his trainer have mostly spent their time getting to know each other. He’s only a year old, and still has some puppy energy. Lamont just loves to be petted. In fact, he seems to rather enjoy being petted more than he enjoys treats as a reward for a job well done. He learned the heel command on his second day, and walks on a leash like a champ. Lamont has the thickest, softest coat of fur that his trainer has ever come across on a greyhound. His trainer has enjoyed getting to know him during the first week of this session, and is looking forward to spending some quality time in the classroom (and in the play room!).