Chase is the sweetest dog. He loves lots of attention and is so smart. He likes to play with toys and loves his walks. He gets hot easily, so does enjoy lying in the kiddie pool after walks or play. Chase has mastered sit, down, down/stay, here, bed, stairs and wait. He's an affectionate hound with a wagging tail and he smiles at you! Chase does well with anyone and seems to adjust well in any environment. He is the best dog anyone could ask for. 


Everyone loves Chase. He's so sweet and smiles at you all the time. He's a well-mannered dog, always calm. Chase listens so well. He doesn't like being petted too roughly. His handler is gentle but firm with him, which he really responds to. He is wonderful! He goes to vet tech class with her and lies down most of the time. In fact he lies down anywhere if he's standing for more than a minute! He walks every day and plays throughout the day, with dips in the pool a favorite after walks or play.


Chase is doing well. He loves going outside, and his daily routine of walks and pool dips continues to make him happy. He learns fast and listens really well. He won't hold a sit/stay, but otherwise does all his commands well, with his going down just a little slow. This gentle giant loves lots of attention. He does really well with the other greyhounds and all the bigger dogs he has met at the compound. He's a happy boy and is going to make a wonderful pet.


Chase loves people and his tail starts wagging when he sees someone. He'll let anyone pet him and smiles when he gets excited. This boy is very smart but also very lazy: he will lie down in the middle of a party! He loves to play with squeaky toys and gets 2 miles of walking a day. After the walk, he heads for the pool, which he really enjoys. He's doing well with his training. He didn't want to be scooped by one of the women trying out for greyhound training - you have to be gentle with him, says his handler. She takes her time with Chase and talks to him. He's the best mannered dog and is so happy all the time.


Chase is like a big love bug. He's always happy and greets people with tail wagging. He also gets along fine with larger dogs, including the large labs at the compound, who he just sniffs! This very sweet boy enjoys hugs from his handler and stands still well for all his grooming (he does lick the toothpaste during teeth cleaning). He knows his basic commands and will do them at times without kibble. He can do stairs, though still cautiously. Only his sit/stay is a challenge for him to hold. Chase is always very sweet, laid back and calm, though he does love to play and really enjoys squeaky toys inside and outside. Because he feels the heat, he'll step right into the kiddie pool after his daytime walks and will even sometimes lie down in the water. He's a wonderful boy, friendly and outgoing and quick to learn.


Chase is doing well. He now does a straight sit, though not yet a sit/stay. He'll do a down/stay for his food. Chase is a very smart boy and likes to please you and get lots of affection. He loves everyone. His handler is very gentle with him as he seems to get his feelings hurt easily! He and Posiedon are sometimes mistaken for twins - they are best friends. Chase does well in different environments. He gets tired quickly outside in the heat and is an A/C dog. This wonderful boy smiles at you when he's excited; he is a good, lovable dog.


Chase is so smart and doing well in his training. He still side sits sometimes but is catching on to his handler's help in straightening him up. He will walk with you and is currently doing a couple of miles a day. He's always so calm and is very gentle when he plays. This boy loves squeaky toys and especially his favorite monkey. Chase will lie in the bed area on a pallet or in the day area. He will go hesitantly into the kiddie pool but is fine once he's in the water. This hound is so great with everyone and loves lots of attention. He's very sweet at all times.


Chase now does a sit, though it's a side sit, and he does a good wait. He's still as sweet as can be and is doing well. This boy doesn't like to walk a lot. He will lie down on you. His handler calls him an A/C dog! He enjoys playing with other dogs, especially with Poseidon, his best buddy - they love each other. Chase is always smiling and wagging his tail. He's very smart and learns quickly. His favorite toy is a brown monkey and he'll play with it for long periods at a time. Everyone loves Chase - he's a love bug and will make a wonderful pet.


Chase is doing very well with his training.  He is learning how to sit, he knows "wait" and he does an excellent "heel walk".  His personality is so sweet.  Everyone loves him.  He wags his tail constantly and is always happy.  He likes to play with toys and other dogs as well.  He seems to like water in the kiddie pool and will lay down in the pool after a long walk. 

Chase is calm around the CCI dogs.  He is like a big gentle Teddy Bear!  He seems to be close to Poseidon. when they are around each other in the dorm.  They are BFFs and think they have to do everything together!  They look like twins.  It's so sweet watching them. 

Chase is a wonderful dog. He has a good appetite but loves lots of water, too.