Set phasers to LOVE!

Hello, everyone! This session with Ivory is at its end and her trainer had such a good time with her for the past ten weeks. For her last week, she spent lots of time playing with toys and running in the yard. She is so intelligent and knows all of her commands, and is sure to make her new family so proud to have her. She loves to be loved on and will shower you with affection in return. She has a special place in her trainer’s heart, and he wants to thank you for letting him spend 10 wonderful weeks with her before she sprints into your hearts!

Playtime = Funtime with Ivory

Hello again everyone! The end of the training session is almost here…only 1 more week and Ivory is all yours! She has done great with her training and is ready for her final exam and her forever home and family.

Ivory’s trainer said it’s been very fun and entertaining working with this sweet, curious and interesting girl. She loves to play and will play with just about anything. She loves to play with balls and toys. It doesn’t matter. This girl isn’t picky. Get ready for fun-lovin Ivory!!

Sweet Happy Self

Ivory is doing great with all of her commands!  There’s a new puppy in the program and when Ivory sees her she wants to go over and say Hi!  Her inmate trainer says that he is working to keep her attention on walking or training when the puppy is around.  He says the puppy is actually a really good training tool!

Ivory is always her sweet happy self.  She seems to be enjoying retirement and playtime in the big yard is always greyt fun! 

One of a Kind

Ivory is doing very well this week and is picking up on her commands at a steady, healthy pace. She is also learning how to play with toys and then leave them alone when commanded to drop them. She is enjoying being able to run on the big yard, especially considering that she has not been able to run because of the amount of rain during the past few weeks. Puddles aren’t any fun to play in when they’re cold! Luckily she has been able to burn off some energy, finally!

Check back next week for updates on the irreplaceable Ivory!

Fun-loving girl

It’s hard to believe we’re almost through with this training session.  Ivory’s inmate trainer says that he’s been working very diligently on commands and etiquette.  She knows most all of her commands with verbal and hand signal cues.  She’s a little reluctant when it comes to “heel” and “down,” but her inmate trainer says that he’s not worried.  He knows that she’ll have it all figured out soon. 

He’s proud to say that things are coming along nicely.  He says that Ivory is a very perceptive girl.  She picks up on commands easily.  She’s energetic and loves any opportunity where she gets to play.  Now, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t welcome the chance to laze around the day room and watch everyone going about their business. Her inmate trainer says that Ivory is such a sweet girl who deserve to go to a loving fun family.  


Velcro Baby

Hello everyone! It is finally week five and we are at the halfway point. Ivory is doing very well this week. She is starting to listen better and she is finally growing more accustomed to the environment here and is playing more with toys! She is even learning how not to follow her trainer around all the time like a shadow. They are currently working on kennel training, where he can leave her kennel door open and leave the area - and she stays inside her kennel! Hopefully by next week, more progress on this will be reported. See you next week!!!

Friendly Gal

Hello again, everyone! How are you on this fine, fine week? It is finally reaching the halfway point of our training session and Ivory is proving to be fairly easy to train. She is picking up on her commands quickly and easily. She is so spunky and full of life ! She loves to grab a squeaky toy and trot over to her bed and just lie down, chewing away. She also loves to explore the dorm and sniff new people, dogs and places. She is a very loving and friendly girl. She also loves to see and listen to everything going on around her. But all in all, Ivory is a very lovable, well-behaved girl and will make a great family dog!

Sweet Pea!

Week three and we’re finally getting into the swing of things!  Ivory is picking up on her commands rapidly.   She’s also starting to come out of her shell and has started playing with toys.  Her favorite so far is a little grey squirrel.

Ivory is one smart girl! Her inmate trainer says that she really showed off her skills at Show and Tell this week.  She left no room for doubt about her intelligence.  She made her inmate trainer proud with her response. He says he’s looking forward to the days ahead with this sweet girl! 

Little ray of sunshine

Hello again, everyone, and welcome to the end of week 2! It has been a short week for Ivory and her trainer but they made the best of it. She is learning very rapidly and efficiently. She already knows how to sit and heel very well! She is also a very fun girl who loves to chase her trainer around the dorm and chase her toys. Overall, the week was uneventful, but fun. Until next week, take care everyone and see you soon!

Sweetness to the max

It’s a new training session! Ivory is doing really well in her new accommodations.  She’s a friendly and outgoing girl.  She loves meeting new people and she’s pretty irresistible to them too!  Sniffing new things is a favorite past time of hers. Ivory the explorer!  

Her inmate trainer is proud to say that she’s a fast learner.  She already performs heel correctly and is catching on to her other commands.  He says that Ivory is single handedly the sweetest most adorable loving girl he’s trained so far.