Gimme love!

Hello again! Reyna’s secondary trainer got to spend lots of quality time with this gorgeous gal during week 10, and he must say, she has been a wonderful hound to work with. She is very smart and a fast learner, and has become a sweet, loving dog who exudes compassion and care to everyone around her. Reyna has showed some signs of shyness, but once she feels comfortable to the touch, she LOVES the attention and affection that is given to her!

Throughout the training session, Reyna has made an incredible impact on all of the trainers there, and to the program, a shining example of the program’s true name: that every animal deserves a second chance, especially Second Chance Greyhounds. Give this wonderful, loving animal a chance to have a permanent home, to enjoy lots of fun, love and care, as well as give you the same in return, and you won’t regret it!

A Huge Hit!

Swap week time which means the inmate training teams swap dogs to work on commands and trouble shoot any areas that may need special attention.  The dogs get a chance to receive commands from all new teams.  

Reyna’s alternate inmate trainer says that Reyna is a great girl who knows all of her commands and has being sweet and cute, down to a science.  She didn’t have any problems performing her commands for the new team. She loves playing with toys and just hanging out relaxing on her bed.  She didn’t mind being away from her primary team.  He said that he believes that Reyna is going be a huge hit with her new family! 


Brush your hair

Reyna continues to do well with her basic commands.  Her inmate trainer says that it’s always a great week with Reyna around!

They’ve been working on her comfort level with strangers as she’s a little hesitant around new people. She likes to think things through and not just jump right in with the welcome committee.   She takes her time and warms up gradually.  It’s time for swap week so Reyna will be spending time with alternate trainers working with her.

Little Miss Reyna has learned a new extra…. “Brush your hair”!  She’s so stinkin’ cute when she does this command!  Her inmate trainer says that he believes that she will embrace pet life like a champ!  


This week Reyna got to spend some quality time with her secondary trainer. Week seven, and Reyna is chugging right along and stealing hearts every day. She is a fast learner with a unique, loving, sweet personality. She’s also a funny little gal! She enjoys her training exercises, and especially enjoys the treats and praises that are heaped upon her when doing a good job performing her commands.

Reyna has become a constant reminder to her trainer and the other trainers, too, that every dog deserves a second chance at life. And their second chances are second chances for their trainers, too - Reyna’s trainer says that “giving us something positive to work on, helping make her a loving pet to someone in the future” is such a meaningful experience!

So don’t just scroll past this lil gal - say howdy, because she could be the one for you!

Smart Cookie

Reyna had another great week!  She’s one smart cookie who continues to amaze her inmate trainer.  She learns commands and extras with great speed.  She scored perfect 10s this week during Show And Tell. She also learned how to “spin” in only two days!  Now she’s spinning like a pro!  She’s gone from not really liking toys to falling in love!  

Her inmate trainer plans to start phasing out the treat rewards this week and replacing them with praise and attention.  This will also get her ready for Swap Week.

Social Butterfly!

The halfway point for Reyna’s training is here and she continues to dazzle! She and her trainer have just been reinforcing all of her basic commands as well as teaching her a few extras. She already knows “bow,” “shake” and “paws up,” and her trainer plans to start teaching her “spin” as well this coming week.

Reyna did great at her weekly show-and-tell again. She made good progress from the previous week. She is very treat-motivated and loves to eat! Her trainer thinks her two favorite times of the day are breakfast and dinner!

Reyna has a great overall temperament and her trainer is sure that she would make a great addition to someone’s family - this girl LOVES to socialize!

Full of personality

Reyna’s first month has passed by quickly and she’s doing great with training!  Her inmate trainer says that she has a great personality. She loves attention and has even started showing an interest in toys!  Her current favorite is a long fluffy red fox.  She’ll sling it around chasing after it when it flies too far out of reach.  He says it’s great fun watching her play.  

When it’s human TV time she’ll lay around in the bed snoozing the time away.  Her inmate trainer is currently working to teach her the Spin command and so far she’s only managed to “spin” into a sit.  He’s not worried though as she’s a faster learner and she’ll get it figured out soon.  


Ahead of the Curve

Reyna continues to do well with all of her basic commands and has settled in to her routine very well here. Her secondary trainer started taking an active role with her at the end of week 2 and she has had no problems whatsoever with the change. She continues to be eager to please and eager to learn.

Reyna also did very well at her first show and tell when she was asked to perform her basic commands in front of the senior trainers. In the coming week, her trainer plans to work on her heel command as well as continue to hone her other basic commands and her extras, like shake, which for some reason she tries to use both paws when she does it! :) How cute is that?

All of the dogs Reyna’s trainer has helped train are great dogs but Reyna is picking up on the training so much quicker! She is so smart - you can see it in her eyes. He looks forward to the remaining seven weeks and watching her learn and excel here in the program.

Star Pupil!

This second week has been better for sweet Reyna .  Her inmate trainer says that she’s a fast learner and has already figured out “sit,” “down,” “bed,” and “heel.” She’s even started taking an interest in toys! She likes the rope ball and gets to play with that after each training sessions.  

In the coming weeks the plan its to work on all things that she’s slow to respond to.  Her inmate trainer says that he doesn’t foresee any problems with Reyna figuring everything out.  

He believes that Reyna will make a great pet!  She has excellent kennel manners.  She will “wait” to come out and “kennel” when requested.  She’s a star pupil!  

Inquisitive Cutie

Reyna’s first week is coming to an end, and so far she seems to be adjusting well to her new surroundings. She is so inquisitive, but then again, there are so many new sights, sounds and especially smells!

Her new favorite thing in her life appears to be the microwave, because it cooks food and she gets to smell it! And then gets to try to scam some…

Reyna is already walking well on her leash and is also doing well on the wait and bed commands. She is super smart and VERY treat-motivated.

By the way, I’m sure you can tell, but Reyna is an absolutely beautiful greyhound with big, soulful brown eyes and a beautiful red coat with velvet fur. All of these things combined make her a very distinct beauty!