Brilliant Boy

It’s the last week of training and Fergus is truly going to be missed!  His inmate trainer says this session concludes his first in the training program and he’s learning that saying Goodbye is not an easy task.  He says he’s been truly blessed to have been assigned to Fergus and his training team.  Fergus is a guy who was eager to learn and his laid back demeanor made this first session a very memorable experience.  

Fergus’s inmate trainer says that he knows with full confidence that wherever Fergus’s final destination may be he’s sure to take joy and happiness with him.  He’s guaranteed to touch the lives of whomever is around him.  

He has mastered al of commands and extras.  He’s proven that he’s brilliant and he’ll prove it to you too!  


Impressive Big Guy!

Another wonderful week has passed with man’s greatest companion… Fergus! He’s always easy going and easy to handle. In fact, the other night he and his trainer hung out and relaxed together and watched a movie. He is so well behaved that his trainer almost forgot he was there.

Fergus’ trainer has been nothing short of impressed with his aptitude for commands and tricks. He truly is a charmer. He is also a forward thinker, so you definitely have to mix things up. If he gets wind of a pattern he will anticipate your next move. Fergus is such a smart greyhound and welcomes new and challenging things. His trainer has enjoyed every minute with Fergus and will definitely miss him to pieces. Enjoy this big guy!!!!

Fergus. Fergus. He's our man!

It’s hard to believe another week has already flown past. Fergus’ charm and energy seem to make time evaporate. If a dog can have charisma, Fergus is the epitome of charismatic! He just has a natural appeal to people. Everyone loves him!

When watching Fergus perform during his weekly show & tell is always a wonderful experience. His execution of commands and tricks are like a marine corps recruit in final drill at Parris Island, SC. Fergus always performs impeccably.

Fergus has had several opportunities to stretch out his legs on the big yard and his trainer said he is a pure athlete and runs like the wind. Run Fergus Run! When he is in full stride, which only takes a few seconds, it’s like watching a great track star get a new record every time. Fergus is truly “man’s best friend” He is always a pleasant and joyful companion. His trainer said it will be bitter sweet to see him depart, but it glad to know he will be going to a loving and wonderful family. You are going to have a blast with this sweet boy!

Here Comes a Special Boy!

It is a most daunting task not to fall in love instantly with Fergus. He is a gentle giant with the most beautiful big brown eyes. Fergus possesses an energetic spirit that is absolutely contagious. Although he is full of pizzazz, he is also well-disciplined and responds to commands very well. He is so smart and new commands or tricks are mastered in a jiffy in Fergus-Town!

Fergus’s trainer had his first show and tell with him and he said it was the most fantastic experience! He was nervous, but Fergus’ willingness to please and execute all of his commands put him right at ease. Fergus has mastered quite a few commands and tricks beyond the basics. His trainer’s favorite is “paws up!” It is such a magnificent sight to see, watching him stretch out, standing tall and long - you’ll be speechless!

This is Fergus’s secondary trainer’s first experience handling a greyhound and so far it has been nothing short of memorable. Once Fergus has moved on, he will still remain in his trainers’ hearts for years to come. It is always a pleasure to spend time with Mr. Fergus and his trainers feel honored to be working with such a GREYT-hound! And soon, you’ll be feeling those happy jitters when he comes bounding into his forever home - yours!

Pawwwwwws Up!

First off, Fergus’ trainer would like to say how thankful and happy he is that he was assigned this big boy, Fergus! He is such a blast to spend time with and training him has been a walk in the park. Fergus is so smart and learns so fast that his trainer is having to take notes to keep up with it all. He has learned a total of 21 commands! WOW!!!

Fergus loves to give lots of kisses and shake everyone’s hand. Since Fergus stands almost to his trainer’s waist and weighs in over 90 lbs, teaching him to roll over was quite the task. That’s a lot of dog, and to see him do it is something special. Fergus also has the highest “paws up” of any dog he’s ever trained in this program. His trainer really loves this big guy and says he’s a greyt catch!

Fantastic Mr. Fergus

Hey y’all! Can you believe we are halfway through this session? Fergus’ trainer is having such a great time working with Mr. Fergus. He is such a pleasure to spend time with and has such a great personality. He has really fallen in love with this big handsome guy! Fergus is just so loving, easy-going, and smart as all get-out. He has already learned so much in the short period of time that he has been here and his trainer can only imagine what he can accomplish in the next five weeks. Maybe learn some algebra? Y = mx + b? Read some Shakespeare, some Sophocles? Get some treats?

Fergus loves hanging out on his day bed, and especially with his trainer in the day room watching football! He just lies there and stares at his trainer with this big ole brown eyes, sayin’ “hey man, where’s my dang treat?!” But he will gladly give you a kiss or shake your hand for a tasty snack. We’ll see you next week - and by the way, start stocking up on treats for this cutie!

One Smart Cookie!

Just in case you didn’t already know… Fergus is the most amazing Greyhound we have this session. Just sayin’! Over the past week he has found a whole new level of energy. Besides his pig, his new love is the “jolly ball”. Fergus really give the jolly ball a run for its money, but in the end, the ball wins out! It sure is a lot of fun to watch.

Speaking of fun, Fergus has been working very hard on some really cool tricks for everyone. He’s really good with “shake” and “kiss”. “Visit” and “show me love” just come natural for this big guy. Now to get him to do it on command. “Spin” and “roll over” are a work in progress. He’s a smart cookie. Who knows what else he will learn. Until next week… Fergus over and out

Gorgeous Gentleman

Hey y’all!

Another wonderful week with our big ole boy Fergus has come and gone. They say time flies when you are having fun, and his trainer agrees! He is have lots of that with Fergus. He is so easy-going, very loving, and hands down the smartest greyhound he’s every had the privilege to spend time with. He has already mastered the basic commands, besides a few that they haven’t started on yet as a class. And there are still 7 weeks to go!

His trainer is really excited about having Fergus this session and looks forward to teaching him all kinds of fun stuff! But most importantly, teaching him good behaviors and cultivating his adorable antics that you will appreciate for years to come.

All right then, until next week, y’all have a good one!

Greyhound Genius

Time sure flies when you’re having fun!  And Fergus’ trainer said it has been nothing but FUN with this easy-going, lovebug of a boy! On top of all that, he’s also extremely smart.  So far, training with Fergus has been like a walk in the park.  It’s amazing at how fast he learns.  You show him something a few times and he seems to know exactly what you want.  Fergus already knows most of his basic commands well.  Sounds like we have a greyhound genius!  

When Fergus isn’t studying for his final exams, he enjoys playing with his toy pig, cleaning out a Kong ,filled with peanut butter and running with his buddies on the big yard.   His favorite pastime above everything else, is just hanging out on his bed watching football with his trainer. Fergus has already stole his trainer’s heart.  He knows it’s only a matter of time before he steals yours! 

Until next week, Have a good one ya hear!

Gentle Giant

Hey, y’all! It’s the start of another session and Fergus’s trainer is proud to say that Fergus has had a wonderful first week. When Fergus arrived, he got a bath, got his ears cleaned, and had his nails trimmed. And he was a gentleman the whole time! Later that day after feeding him by hand, he slept like a baby for the rest of the night. In the short period of time that his trainer has spent with Fergus, he has proven to be so easy-going, very loving, and extremely smart! He runs well with the other dogs in the big yard and he welcomes everyone he meets with open paws. He is quickly becoming the dorm favorite! Everybody calls him the gentle giant.

Right now, Fergus is just taking it easy and getting used to his new surroundings and working on the easy stuff. This is a major change for the pups, and slow and steady wins the race. Fergus really is something special, and his trainer is so excited to spend the next 10 weeks with him. Until next week, y’all have a good one!