Fun! Fun! Fun!

It is the end of week 10 and Maisie joins for another 10 weeks of fun and excitement! Trainers all over the dorm are chattering with excitement because they just love having her around. The looks she gives you sometimes are so funny and expressive, like when she is on the leash and you stop walking - she’s like, “I’m waiting! What’s next?” It is so cute!

Her trainer tries to keep it fun and interesting for her so that she gets the most out of whatever they’re doing that moment, even if it is just playing or going through the commands. She goes crazy over tennis balls or really anything that she can pick up, throw and chase. She will make a very special pet for a very lucky family!

Astounding little hound

As we near the end of this 10-week session, it starts to hit home with the trainers just how much their hounds will be missed. Maisie has grown so much in just this short amount of time and has formed lasting bonds with so many other trainers in the dorm that will last a lifetime. Who could ever forget that sweet face and disposition? So, much to the surprise of the training team, it was announced that she will be spending another session with her trainers! Not because of anything she did wrong - actually, her ability to learn is pretty unprecedented for such a young greyhound and the possibilities are endless! By the time Maisie goes to her forever home, she’ll be doing calculus and solving mysteries of the universe! That is, if her trainer lets her leave… LOL

Small in Size and Full of Life

Week eight has been a stellar week with Miss Maisie! During play time this week, she had her trainer and two other trainers laughing their socks off. She picked up a red Kong, chased it around in the training room, dropped it, then ran in circles around it. It was so cute! She is a good lil girl who enjoys the simple things in life and the company of others. Everyone enjoys her company, too - who couldn’t? Just look at her! Look.

Maisie is the center of attention wherever she goes and especially when visitors come. Nothing seems to stand in her way when it comes to learning new things. It is always an adventure to see what she will do next. She will make a great family dog for years to come. Graceful, gentle and playful is what Maisie is all about. Her trainer says it has been an honor to be able to work with her and he can’t wait to see what’s in store next week for this sweet baby!

Melting Hearts Everywhere!

It’s the end of week 7 and Maisie continues to melt hearts with her overwhelming cuteness and charisma. This lap dog at heart, is now notorious for stealing a place at the foot of her trainer’s bed. While she makes for a decent foot warmer, she is also somewhat of a space/bed hog! No worries though. Her trainer has already fallen victim to her undeniable cuteness. Who can say no to Maisie?

You can add another yet another extra command to her ever growing list of known commands. That would be “spin”. Her trainer is not going to take all the credit, because Maisie is super smart and super easy to train. Until next week… Maisie the bed hog… over and out.

Magical Maisie

Another week has gone by and Maisie is having a blast! She loves the “brush your hair” command and it is so cute to watch her do it. The other trainers laugh and smile whenever this cute little gal does it. She is so quick to learn new things, it honestly leaves you in a state of awe. She is very easily motivated and is currently working on learning “shake”!

Maisie loves taking a stroll around the big yard for her daily walk. She loves her meet and greets with other people and with the other dogs. The days in this session have gone by rather quickly because it is impossible not to have fun training and loving her. She has covered so much ground, from learning her basic commands and leash walking to doing extra commands above and beyond the main ones. She is very smart and enjoys being around people. It makes her trainer proud to be working with her - you won’t be disappointed, I guarantee!

Ahead of the curve

So, it is now the end of week five and Maisie has mastered every basic command already! Only halfway done with the session and our little prodigy is chugging right along. She could stop there and coast for the rest of the session, but where's the fun in that? That would certainly be a great way to waste all her potential, so instead her trainers have decided to start small and teach Maisie how to brush her own hair. Every little girl should know how to do that, right? Besides, it most certainly wouldn't do to have Maisie go lazy on us! She is so easy to train, who knows what she'll learn next?!


Well, it is the end of week four, and Maisie has learned so much in the past couple of weeks! She now knows jump and does all the basic commands. She is quite the smart puppy! Maisie got a perfect score on all her commands during show and tell. It is so rewarding for the trainers to see their dogs perform what they have learned and to know that they helped these pups learn something that will help them out for the rest of their lives.

During playtime, Maisie runs around in the training room chasing a ball or squeaky toy. Sometimes Chanel, Maisie’s best friend in the class, joins in on the fun like a big sister. Maisie is truly adorable! She loves attention and affection and certainly has wiggled her way into her trainer’s heart, burrowing right in there. She is a one-of-a-kind pup and her trainer is so excited to see what the next few weeks have in store for this sweet, soft gal!

No Fear

Little Miss Maisie has finally broke 40 lbs!  She’s growing up fast!  Her inmate trainer says that it’s been fun watching all her cute puppy playfulness. She enjoys her play dates with her friend Chanel.   

Her inmate trainer is working to teach her about toy sharing.  This really is an important lesson that everyone should learn. Luckily Chanel is very patient with her. 

Maisie’s training is progressing really well!  She even ventured up and down the stairs this week!  As expected, she tackled the task without fear!  Next on the list is jump!  Check back in to see how this new command went.   

Marvelous Miss Maisie

As we come to the end of week two, it’s become abundantly clear how smart Miss Maisie is. Her trainer is beginning to think she was already trained prior to her stay here, or perhaps trained in a past doggy life. Naturally, Maisie is a big hit with everyone here. How could she not be?! She is so incredibly cute!

As part of her morning routine, Maisie is allowed to free roam around the dorm, making as many new friends as possible. Maisie LOVES play time; it’s so funny watching her clown around with a squeaky toy. She throws the toy around by herself and chases it across the room. Chanel and Maisie are great play time buddies, and Maisie overall plays very well with the other dogs in her class. Her trainer is so thankful to spend time with this little girl for this 10 week session!

Puppy Power!

Maisie came into this program with all of the eager excitement that one would expect of a 6 month old puppy to have.  Her curiosity knows no bounds.  She is just as excited to meet new people as they are to meet her.  While Maisie was initially not a fan of being alone in her kennel, that has quickly become an issue of the past.  Her trainer was very surprised at her ability to learn being such a young greyhound.  

In addition to the SA in her kennel, she has also greatly improved on leash walking, “wait”, “here” and will “sit” on command without a bribe or lure.  I think we may have a doggie genius on our hands.  Now with any puppy, most of the day must be playtime and Maisie is no exception.  Her trainer makes regular trips to the training room to remedy this.  Throw her a stuffed animal toy and she will play, play, play until she has wore herself out.  She even has fun with some of the older dogs too.  Most of them turn this young whipper snapper down, but her new friend Chanel is eager to oblige.  I think her trainer and everyone else at Second Chance Greyhounds Academy can say this will be a very fun-filled 10 weeks with Little Girl, Maisie!