Wagging Tail, Happy Boy

Hello, and welcome to the end of week 10! This session with Chan has gone by so fast, it seems like he just got here. Week by week, he has made training an absolute blast and made every day a joy for his trainer. It is so fun to watch him get excited when he goes on a walk – he starts wagging his tail like crazy! He loves human interaction and he loves to be rubbed and loved on. His trainer says it has been an honor and a privilege to work with him these past few months, and he hopes that Chan brings you as much joy and love as he has to him!

A Meet and Greet kind of guy

Chan responded well to his new environment (different trainer, different kennel, etc) during swap week. He didn’t seem to have any separation anxiety and his trainer had no problem getting him to do his commands. Chan is a very calm and sweet dog. He loves to get out and play. He is also very curious and a super friendly boy. His alternate trainer for the week said Chan was always there to greet him when it was time to come out of his kennel. He is going to make a greyt addition to his new family. I know you can’t wait to meet him!

Holiday Hound Lounging Around

Welcome to week eight! Let’s take a look through the eyes of Chan this week…

I had lots of fun during show and tell, and I got perfect scores. So, as a reward, I got to lie on a comfortable bed while my trainer and I watched TV. He even gave me lots of ear scratches! I ran on the big yard during the morning when it wasn’t raining this past week, and that is always fun. I have to stretch my legs every once in a while!

By the way, I really love being petted, scratched, rubbed, and I especially love KIBBLE! My trainer takes me on walks around the dorm which I like because it gives me time for socialization with others and helps burn off some extra energy built up from lounging. And I do a LOT of that!

Dreaming of a forever family

Welcome to week 7. I’ve had fun this week from doing my basic commands, to running and playing on the big yard. I made all ten’s at show-n-tell this week, as normal. You wouldn’t expect anything less from me, would you? I’m glad to be here. Who knew learning new things could be so much fun and exciting. Those treats really hit the spot too. I also like laying on my bed, getting some rubs and scratches in. I love all the attention. But enough of that. I like the training room. That’s where all the magic happens. From training to playing and getting loved on. I love that room! I hear my forever home will be better than that. Man I can’t wait!!

HO HO Home for the Holidays

This week has been a pretty awesome one, if I do say so myself. I’m working on perfecting my commands as well as the extras I have learned so far. I love to “spin” and do “paws up”. My trainer keeps telling me how amazing and awesome I am. As if I don’t already know that. I think I’m pretty cute too. What do ya’ll think?

I finally discovered a toy that I like. It makes a funny noise and I love to toss it in the air and chase it around. That doesn’t last very long. Now if I could only figure out how to get that thing to come back to me, we’d all be in business.

Paws Up!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another week into my life of training. It has been five weeks since I’ve arrived. I’m hearing that I only have five more weeks left. I’ll miss it here but I’m ready to be adopted and have my own home! I think I will love it there. Squeaky toys and comfy beds galore. Sounds like my kind of place.

I’ve learned a lot here over the weeks. This week, I’ve started learning two new extra commands - “spin” and “paws up.” I don’t understand why I’m doing them, but I can’t complain because I get a treat every time I do it!

I do love paws up and it is so far my favorite of the two. Well, that has been my week here. Until next week, see ya later!

I like this thing called retirement

I’m back!  Another week of training done!  I’ve been working on the Jump command and let me tell you, that thing is a daunting.  My inmate trainer has been helping me build my confidence so that I’ll be more comfortable with the idea.  Well, that man has got to up the treats for this one!  I’m sure I’ll get it figured out.  I’m a smart guy especially when cookies are involved.  I think we can all relate to that.

This week I’ve found a whole new luxury… relaxing in the bed while my trainer watches TV.  This retirement gig is pretty good!  


The Joys and Noise of Squeaky Toys

Hey guys! Wow, I have been here training for three weeks! It doesn’t feel that long, but time does fly when you are having fun. I am coming along nicely with all of my commands and I am learning how to enjoy my kennel time more. I just want to be out running and exploring new areas sometimes!

I miss running, but I like it here because it is much more relaxing. I still haven’t gotten the hang of toys. Like, what is this concept? I do love the way they make noise, though - more of that, please!

Until next week, see ya later!

Anything for a Treat!

Hey guys! Welcome to another week in my life. I’m starting to get adjusted and learning my commands. I’ve learned most of them in two weeks. My trainer tells me how smart I am all the time, but I only do them for the treats! (Don’t tell him!) I’m not a big fan of the bed command yet, but I am whenever I see that treat bag come out! There’s a song about that, right? “I know when that treat bag bling / that can only mean one thing…”

He keeps telling me that one day I’m going to get adopted and that sounds really cool – my very own family! I don’t understand completely what it means yet, but he thinks it’ll be really good for me when I’m ready to graduate. Well, I gotta go scam some treats – uh, I mean, study! Later!

Chan the Champ

Hey guys! Well, this is my first blog of many – I guess my new name is Chan, which is what my trainer keeps calling me. It was hard to get adjusted to my new environment, but it’s growing on me. I’m loving the part where I get treats for learning commands! I’m starting to get the hang of it, I think… well, check back next week and see what shenanigans I get up to! Or should I say, Shechanigans?