Can't go wrong with Bud

Well, it’s the final week. Bud’s inmate trainer says that he’s had some great times with Bud.  Bud is a very loving and fun boy.  His inmate trainer says that he’s been telling Bud that he’s going to a brand new home with lots of soft beds and dog toys.  Bud’s been excited all week about meeting his new forever family.  

Final testing is coming and Bud’s trainer says that he’s not worried, he knows Bud has some mad skills.  Bud can be a little hesitant with stairs, but he will warm up and with a little more practice his confidence will grow. 

Bud’s inmate trainer says that it’s not going to be easy watching Bud walk away for the final time, but knowing that he’s going to a loving home makes it a little easier. 


It's Just about time... graduation day!!!

This week was swap week for the pups and Bud responded well to the changes in his routine. He does have a slightly more “active” personality than their regular pup Mojo, but they are very similar in behavior. Bud’s a very sweet boy and did fine performing his commands for his “swap week” trainer. He feels Bud is ready for the next step… Graduating and becoming a best friend to his forever family. It’s just about that time… Graduation day!

Bang. Bang

Just two more weeks. Two more long weeks and I get to go to my forever home. I’m so excited I can’t wait! This week has been awesome, just like me! I learned a new command. Speak. I can’t wait to try it out when you break me out of this place. It’s not bad here. I’m just ready for my next adventure. Forever home…

I know all my commands very well and my extras include “kiss”, “speak” and “bang”. “Bang is a work in progress, but I’m sure I’ll have the hang of it in no time. I’m also improving on the stairs. They are a little scary at first, but if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And that’s what I’ve been doing.

Well, I’ve gotta go. My trainer wants to teach me some new stuff. Two more weeks and I’m all yours!

Handsome Fella

This week we have an update from Bud’s secondary trainer! Your new son, Bud, is doing fantastic. His secondary got to be more involved with his training during this week and he did a great job working with his secondary. He takes commands from him as well as his primary trainer, and even knows a few extra tricks already!

We’re sure you are excited and want to see him NOW, and we can’t blame you at all! He will make such a wonderful addition to your family - not to mention, he’s a handsome fella! Imagine if we could tell Bud, “hey little dude! In only three more weeks, you are going to your forever home!”

To everyone reading, Bud’s secondary trainer has a special message: “Thank you for being involved with and considering adopting from Second Chance Greyhounds. All the men here at Jenkins take their roles very seriously with the dogs, and we are so proud of the end results. Everybody loves Bud! Happy holidays!”

Buddy Time!

Dear future forever family,

Bud is doing wonderfully! He has picked up some new extra commands - kiss and paws up - and a few others, but he is just taking his time so that he can have fun learning for the remainder of the session. He really is a great friend to everyone in the dorm and lives up to his name. He is sweet and loving and still thinks he is a puppy! It's so cute when his trainer has him get on the bed and then he falls around and squirms like he is playing with invisible toys. All the dogs are getting ready for Christmas now, so check back next week on this Holiday Hound and enjoy another peek into the life of this Big Bud!

Attention Hound

It’s the half way point in this 10 week training session.  Bud received all 10s in Show and Tell!  Show and Tell is where the dogs get to show off their training skills. His inmate trainer says that he plans to start working on extra commands for Bud.  He’s thinking about teaching him “paws up” and “bow.”  After he gets these down pat they’ll work on a few others. 

Bud loves toys and gets excited when it’s toy playtime.  He runs after them, but looks more like a prancing deer.  His inmate trainer says that he’s sure Bud will bring happiness into his new forever home.  Bud’s a smart, sweet guy who loves attention.  


Bud: Your new best friend

Hi there!  Bud here to tell you that I’m having so much fun! Why didn’t someone tell me before now, how much fun learning new things would be!  So far I’ve learned to eat lots of treats… errr… I mean I’ve learned to Sit, Stay, Wait, here and many other things.  I can’t wait to find out what I’ll learn next!  

Now let’s be honest, when I first arrived I was a little unsure about this new place.  But now… I’m everywhere collecting attention from anyone that’ll pause for a minute.  My inmate trainer is really good at giving me treats and he says I’m going to make a fantastic family member.  I’m certain he’s right!

Master Commander of Cuteness

It’s week 3 and Bud is progressing very quickly. This week, his trainer started working on down and Bud is learning so quickly just like he learned sit. He is just so fun to train! He has already picked up on stay and wait, and he started playing with toys. At first he was unsure of them but he started to like them more and more. Bud likes to run on the big yard and he is SO fast. He is just full of life and when he walks around the dorm he runs up to everyone and wants to be loved on by everyone! You are going to love this guy! He is a big sweet baby and just as sweet as they come. Like all of us, he can be a little hard-headed, but he is improving with his obedience every day.

See ya next time!

Sweet Boy!

It’s week two!  Bud is doing great!  His inmate trainer says he’s a sweet guy who is laid back and smart. They’ve been working on “wait” and he’s picking it up very quickly.  His inmate trainer says that he believes training Bud is going to be exciting!  The plan is to start working on “down” this week.  

Bud loves to run and play in the big yard.  It’s fun to watch him have a good time! He’ll be ready to have a good time with you, in just 8 short weeks! Are you ready??


Your New Bud!

Hey there, it’s Joesmaverick, AKA Bud! They told me I’m going to be finding a new home and be loved on by a loving family, but first they sent me here to Second Chance Greyhounds where I could get a nice bath, clean ears, and a fresh start. They started calling me Bud, and I think that sounds pretty cool. It seems nice here – they even started giving me good treats! After all that, I got to go and play around with toys. Man, I never thought toys would be this much fun!

In the morning, I get to run around and play, so I guess coming here ain’t all that bad! I’ll be here for 10 weeks and get to learn new things like waiting at doors, sitting, and some other stuff. I can’t wait to learn this stuff! It sounds fun. Check back next week and see what I’ve learned so far! Maybe an old greyhound can learn new tricks…