Fabulous Foxy!!!!

Foxy fans, we are back and it’s been another wonderful week with Lovely Foxy. She’s just so darn adorable and affectionate that just being in her presence is a treat in itself. She is so dog gone easy going too. Every time her trainer trims her nails she falls asleep. She loves her baths too. I can see Foxy now…. laying in a bathtub on her back, all the while getting a pawdicure and a bubble bath. Being spoiled to the max!!!

Foxy is also incredibly smart. She knows and performs all of the 13 basic commands with ease. To top it off, Foxy is so well mannered and listens great. Now all the important things are done… Next week, on to some extra commands…

The Most Affectionate Hound!

Hello Foxy Fans!

This past month with Foxy has really been something. She is by far the most loving greyhound her trainer has ever worked with! She is so laid-back but playful, and extremely intelligent to boot. Her trainer loves working with her!

She knows and performs all of the basic commands very well, with the exception of heel. That one’s a toughie! Right now she’s hit or miss with that one, but no worries, because practice makes perfect!

Foxy’s trainer would like to state for the record that miss Foxy is a stalker! If she’s awake, she’s watching your every move like a hawk, and she has the deepest, most intense stare. But it’s an adorable kind of stalking.

All right, folks, that’s all for now! So until next week, y’all take care!

Greyt Girl

Hello Foxy Fans!

It’s been another lovely week with little Ms. Foxy. She is hands down, the most lovable greyhound her trainer has ever worked with. She would rather you love on her than receive treats for following through with a command. And the adorable looks she gives you, just melts your heart. She is very laid back and easy-going. In fact, the other day her trainer was clipping her nails and she fell asleep.

Foxy is coming along very well with her training. She’s smart and well-mannered. Her leash walking skills are out of this world. So if you’re looking for a greyt girl to adopt, then Foxy is it.

Perpetual Greeter

Hey y’all!

First of all, Foxy’s trainer would just like to say that it’s a real privilege to be working with Miss Foxy. She is one of the most affectionate greyhounds he has ever met. He lets her out a couple of times a day just to wander around the dorm, check things out, and just to get used to her new surroundings. But the cute thing about it is, she heads straight to the day room and goes from person to person, collecting affection, every time! And she does that until she has visited every single person in the room. Watching her do that really makes her trainer’s day! 😊

Foxy’s trainer is also the trainer for the 12-week old puppy, Lulu, that is at Jenkins, and Foxy has taken Lulu under her wing. They share toys, beds, treats, and they even do commands together! There are moments when her trainer feels like a proud single dad!

Foxy is just so docile, tolerant and gentle. And to top it off, she has the looks to go with her name! She is a truly striking dog. She has brains and beauty, and is just such a sweetheart. She is already performing 8 out of the 13 basic commands and is moving right along with the remaining five. Even though the 13 basic commands are top priority, her trainer looks forward to teaching extras. The extra commands tend to reveal a dog’s real personality quirks.

All right, folks – that’s all for now! Until next week, you guys have a good one!

Foxy, a loving lady

Hey y’all! This first week with our girl has been nothing short of lovely! She has quickly proven herself to be easy-going, playful, smart and extremely loving. Foxy has a very beautiful red coat and a way of looking at you with them big ole pretty eyes that just stops you dead in your tracks and makes you wanna do whatever she asks! She seemed to enjoy being groomed – washed, nails clipped, ears cleaned. Foxy loves hanging out in the dayroom on her bed, watching her trainer’s every move. She also loves playing with squeaky toys and running on the big yard. 

Other than bed and kennel, they haven’t spent a whole lot of time working on commands just yet. So far they’ve been getting to know each other and hanging out. Slow and steady wins the race, and a good healthy bond helps them learn even better. Her trainer can tell from experience that she will have no problem picking up on her commands when the time comes – and she should even have plenty of time to learn some extras, too! Until next time, y’all have a good one!