Guinness the Greatest Greyhound

Well, it’s gorgeous Guinness’ last week in school! He is such a happy dog and just enjoys life to the fullest. He is always happy and he loves human interaction and playing with his fellow four-legged friends. He is always ready to go for a walk and loves his walkies. You can tell because he walks with his head held high, majestically, as if he is saying, “look at us, my human and I, walking together. I am so happy in this moment; what a decadent joy!” And this is no different from any other time, because he’s always THAT happy! He should be extra happy now because he has passed his final exams, and it really shows – he has become such a gentleman. His trainer is so proud of him and loved getting to work with him. He has given his trainer lots of love and laughter, because he can just be such a clown sometimes!

Guinness and his trainer have learned so much from each other. Guinness has learned new behaviors and skills, and that the humans in his life will always love him no matter what. His trainer says that as usual, he learns more from the greyhounds than that they learn from him; he has learned about the diversity of canine behavior and that just like people, dogs have their own individual personalities.

Some final words from Guinness’ trainer to warm your heart on these chilly winter nights: “Second Chance Greyhounds teaches us inmates life skills that we can take with us, no matter what career we pursue, and how to work with others as a way to solve problems that are hard to solve alone but conquerable when solved together.

Friendliest Boy Around

This week Guinness was with a different training team during swap week, so that the trainers can check for obedience from new trainers as well as any signs of separation anxiety in the pups. Already knowing that Guinness is the friendliest and most outgoing dog on earth, his trainer is happy to report that he showed no signs of separation anxiety! And while about half the time he was too excited to “sit” and “leave it”, but once he calmed down he was fine with them. Guinness is such a happy boy, it’s hard for him to contain his excitement. He had no problems with any other commands, and once his swap week trainer worked on give with him, he did great playing with toys, even dropping them early, anticipating it to be thrown and to play fetch!

Guinness is one of the friendliest and most affectionate dogs his trainer has EVER met, not just in the greyhound program. He is always ready to play with, love on, and cheer up anyone, but especially those he has bonded with.

With his big eager eyes, soft and smooth black coat and wonderful personality, Guinness is going to make an amazing pet and cherished member of whichever family is lucky enough to snag him!

Quality Time with a Quality Guy

This week, Guinness got to spend some quality time with his secondary trainer! It makes his heart warm to watch these dogs in the program grow and learn, just as Guinness has. His trainer is so proud of him! When he takes him out for bathroom breaks on a leash, if he wanders too far from his trainer, his trainer will say “heel!” And he follows the command just like he is supposed to! Guinness is a very well-behaved (and good-lookin’!) guy.

It is so wonderful watching newcomers arrive at the program, and then getting to see them grow, change and mature into seasoned dog trainers. That is what Second Chance Greyhounds is all about - giving greyhounds and prisoners a second chance, providing a healing, healthy environment for everyone to grow, change, and get better.

A special note from Guinness’ trainer:

“I have always enjoyed teaching others how to do something, whether it is in church or at my job. And when they get really good at it, then they go on to teach someone else. It always made me proud to see that happen. To me, it is a way to pay it forward, a way of giving back to the community. It has been said that we may never know how many lives we affect by our actions. I am glad that I am now affecting lives in a positive way.”

AWWWW! Don’t you just want to adopt the trainer now, too?!

Guinness is the best!

Guinness is such a fun dog to work with and just have to hang with. He is so lovable and has a face that says “I love you so much!” There are no bad days when Guinness is around. He has a fun and contagious personality.

Guinness gets very excited in the morning. His tail wagging so fast and acting like he hasn’t seen you in years. He is doing great with his commands. His alternate trainer did show and tell this week and there are only a few minor wrinkles to work out before graduation. That shouldn’t be a problem for a smart boy like Guinness.

Guinness’ secondary trainer says that it is a privilege to be a part of a great program like S.C.G. It gives them a chance to give back to society and do something positive that will follow them after leaving the prison. Thank you for allowing me to train your new four-legged family member. Guinness is the best!!

Here Comes a Special Boy!

Hello? Is this thing on?

All right!

Hi everyone, this is Guinness, AKA GT Wossy Pants, speaking. I have decided this week to write my own blog and let my trainer off the hook so he can chill and rest up for another week of training. This week, you are getting the skinny straight from the doggy's mouth!

First of all, I gotta say, I like it okay here. The food is pretty good, the accommodations are better than I thought, my mattress here is way more comfortable, and there are lots of people who will scratch me, pet me, and let me rub up against their legs! I cannot overstate this - I need pant legs to rub up against! It is such an awesome feeling, especially on my back. I think I've got some cat in me somewhere!

Besides all that, the school work is not too hard. I'm doing great in all my classes - Napping, Running, Napping, Sleeping, Sitting, Napping, Eating... top marks in all of them!

There are some pretty cool dudes and ladies I get to hang out with every day. Everyone pretty much gets along; it's really nice! I get to play with toys which I love almost as much as I love getting petted. The only thing I wish is that I could run around in the big yard more, but the weather has been nasty so I understand.

Bottom line - I want everyone to know that I am ready for my close-up, as they say. I am ready for my human to come get me, or should I call them my 24/7 designated petter and back scratcher?

Hope to see you soon, forever family!



Unconditional Love = Guinness

It’s week five and Guinness is at the halfway point of heading to his forever home! He did very well during show and tell. He’s improving every day on wait, heel, down, bed and leash walking. His trainer will keep going over all of his basic commands, so he is proficient with all of them when it’s time to graduate. His trainer has no doubt he will be good to go on graduation day.

Guinness is such a sweet and happy boy that loves everyone! Guinness’ trainer said during this time of year it’s tough being away from family and friends. He truly appreciates being in the SCG program and having a friend like Guinness. He can rely on Guinness’ unconditional love to get him through the holidays.

It's Guinness Time!!

Time definitely does fly by when you are having fun, and it’s been a blast so far with Guinness! He had a great week, as far as commands go. He has improved on his sits, downs, stays, but most on his heels, leash walking and waits. There’s always room for improvement, but his trainer is so proud of how far Guinness has come in a short time. He is such a sweet and silly boy that loves to lean into your every move. His trainer can’t believe no one has snatched him up yet. It’s ok Guinness. They don’t know what they are missing out on.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and his trainer is so thankful for this program. It has given him a second chance to be a good person and to make a difference in his life and the lives of retired greyhounds. It’s a win, win for everyone.

A Friend to All

This week’s blog comes from the dispatch of Guinness’ secondary trainer! When he first met Guinness, he greeted him like an old friend he hadn’t seen in years. The first thing that stood out to him about this hound, is that Guinness doesn’t appear to know what a stranger is! He started his training with the name game. He had a lot of fun while learning his name! He is also learning sit, stay, wait and let’s go, which he is learning well. Guinness’ secondary trainer is loving this boy!!!

A note from Guinness’ secondary trainer: “I am very thankful for a program like Second Chance Greyhounds that allows us inmates to work with greyhounds. They teach us about unconditional love and we learn something about ourselves while working with them. This program is teaching us a skill that we can use when we get out. We can be dog handlers and trainers through an on the job training program!”

Doesn’t that just melt your heart?!

Non-stop tail wagger

Guinness is one sweet boy! He loves to be scratched and petted. He wags his tail all the time and seems to be happy go lucky.  He’s adjusting to his new routine and seems happy to just go with the flow.  

He’s learning to “wait” at the door and walk in a straight line next to his trainer.  Now, not saying hello to everyone he meets has been a bit of a challenge.  He’s so friendly that he believes that it’s only polite to meet and greet everyone! He loves toys and will be learning about sharing and giving in the near future.  

Week two is when training really starts progressing.  Every day will be busy and time will fly by.  

Because I'm Happy...

Guinness is a Happy, Happy boy!  His trainer said his tail has not stopped wagging since he got off the truck at Jenkins. Every waking moment is full tilt! LOL  So far Guinness loves everything and I mean everything!  Food, treats, toys,  or just walking around.  He’s comfortable in his kennel, around other inmates and the guards.    He literally loves everyone and everything!  Oh, and he especially loves rubbing up against you, kind of cat like.  He’s stuck on you like glue.

His trainer has been working on leash walking, heels, waits and learning his name.  Guinness is doing fine so far and his trainer doesn’t foresee any issues with this sweet boy.  They’re off and running on a new session!