Attention Seeker

Dylan has worked hard with his training and knows all of his commands.  He loves lots of praise and attention.  His inmate trainer says that Dylan is just an all around wonderful, loveable boy.  He hopes that his new forever family enjoys their time with him as much as he has.  

His trainer says he’s going to miss Dylan, but knows that he has a wonderful life of retirement ahead of him.   



Swap week! Yep. It’s that time in the training program where each dog goes to a different kennel and trainer for the week. Dylan’s swap week trainer said Dylan is a dream dog! He’s easy to work with. Calm and even-keeled. He had no separation anxiety. He took to the new kennel and surroundings like it was no big deal. A go-with-the-flow kind of dog.

Dylan got to be up front where the action is. His normal kennel is in the back, but his swap week trainer’s bed is up front by the day room with the TV's and all the people walking around. Dylan seemed to like watching people and TV.

Dylan did great with all of his commands during swap week. He is a well-trained pup and you are one lucky family for adopting Dylan.

Just a Big Puppy

Dylan proves himself yet again this week! He has blazed through all of his commands with flying colors and has even learned “kiss” and “bow,” both of which he does very well. He still gets excited when it’s time to eat - he seems to think every day is Thanksgiving and that he’ll get seconds! This is why you can’t let greyhounds free feed… they would fill up their whole noodle bodies and weigh 200 pounds!

Dylan is a funny guy. He tries to get food by performing all of his commands rapid fire without being prompted, and he loves to play. He does really well playing with toys - sometimes he can’t make up his mind on which one he wants to play with. He is just a puppy at heart and full of joyous energy. He loves to run on the big yard and he runs very well with the other dogs (maybe get him a friend to play with?! Hint hint, wink wink…)

Dylan is a loving and wonderful dog to have as a companion. He makes his trainer happy every day just by being himself!

Happy, Happy boy!

Dylan scored perfect 10s on all the commands!  He’s learned to do them all with verbal or hand signal cues!  His inmate trainer says that he continues to be impressed with how eager he is to learn and please his human.  At times his focus will transfer over to the yummy treat reward and his trainer has to get him refocused.  

Dylan is doing well playing with toys and giving them back to his trainer when requested.  He loves to run and play with the other dogs. Most of all Dylan shows his happy, outgoing, friendly personality with his tail wagging madly away and wiggling his entire back half while getting attention from everyone.  His inmate trainer says that Dylan is by far the happiest dog he’s trained.  He believes that Dylan is going to be a wonderful addition to his new forever family. 


Delightful Dylan

Wow, we are already at the halfway point with Dylan! He continues to impress his trainer every day by being more and more outgoing, almost always wagging his tail as he is happily meeting other people. The only thing he is more excited about than people is FOOD! So while he knows all of his commands, his trainer is working on him calming down first, so he can focus on doing the commands, in order to earn the food and treats as his reward.

He has also begun to play with toys and has so far been fine with “give,” letting go of the toys on command. He is beginning to get the idea of chasing balls and chewing on squeaky toys.

Dylan also continues to show his great personality and fabulous balance of attributes that will make him a wonderful pet and blast to hang out with! He has so many moments of playfulness and calmness, he is eager to please and a quick learner, but most importantly of all, he is happy and affectionate. If that sounds like the perfect dog for your forever family (and let’s be real, he’s THE perfect dog!), then look no further than Delightful Dylan!

Lazy Days

Dylan has now learned all the basic commands well and is only struggling a little bit with “sit.” But that’s the toughest one for greyhounds, and he’s got plenty of time to master it. He’s walking normally on the hard, polished floors, too! The floor is indeed no longer lava.

Dylan has also been doing better lying calmly down on his bed, especially at night out in the dayroom while watching TV. He even fell asleep one evening in the TV room and got to hang out there until 11PM! His trainer had to gently wake him up to go to sleep in his kennel. Just like putting a toddler back to bed after a long day of horsing around and watching cartoons.

It’s these moments that earn a special place in the hearts of our trainers, and Dylan has shown over and over again how well he is settling into his new surroundings. His trainer is so confident that he will make a great pet and cherished member of his forever family!

Bright Star

This week, Dylan really came out of his shell. He is wagging his tail much more often and more quickly, and he is increasingly excited to see other people. But he is still the most excited when it’s time for food and treats - especially when it’s feeding time with an entire BOWL of kibble!

He is progressing well with his training and learning the basic commands. He started learning “down” this week and is still eager to please as ever. And he is such a quick learner! He has also improved greatly with walking on hard polished floors, only slowing if they’re wet.

The more time his trainer spends with Dylan, the more confident he is that he will make a great pet. As he settles into his new surroundings, his happy-go-lucky attitude shines brighter and brighter. Whoever chooses to adopt him will be blessed with Dylan lighting up their lives for years to come!

Dapper Dylan

Over the first full week, Dylan has shown a lot of growth.  He knows many of his commands well and improved on all the others.  Most important of all, Dylan has gotten more comfortable in his new surroundings.  He’s a calm and easygoing boy, always eager to be out of his kennel and greeting other dogs and people.  

He enjoyed trotting and sprinting on the big yard this week with the other greyhounds.  Dylan’s trainer said he is going to be a wonderful pet. He will be happy to just relax and love on his forever family.  Could you be the one for Dylan?

Dylan the Dream Dog!

After four days with Dylan, his trainer is so impressed with how quickly he learns and how eager to please he is. He’s very calm and gentle, and as he settles in a little more each day, he becomes more outgoing and confident.

Dylan seems to be motivated the most by food and treats, but he hasn’t been exposed to toys just yet. When outside, he is very interested in and ready to chase birds, or run with the other dogs when they’re loose in the yard. While he is a very handsome dark brindle with brown eyes so dark they’re almost black, his most striking and amusing feature doesn’t even involve looks. A few times a day, he’ll do a horse snort – if his trainer had realized that sooner, he’d have given him a champion horse name instead! (Although it’s not too late to do that, wink wink!)

Regardless of his name, his trainer is so happy to have Dylan for the next 10 weeks. He’s sure Dylan is going to do a wonderful job learning his commands and even better learning to be a pet since he already has such a wonderful personality. So if you’re looking for a calm, gentle and eager to please furry friend to join your forever family, look no further than Dylan the Dream Dog!