Salsa = the happy dance

This is Salsa’s last week with her trainer and it leave him with mixed emotions. He is happy that she is going to her forever home with a family anticipating her arrival. At the same time he doesn’t want to let her go and he will much her sooooo much! She is also his favorite greyhound he has trained so far. I guess this is a testament to Salsa. She is a wonderful girl and I know it won’t take long for her to endear herself to her new family. Get ready for Salsa… She’s a whole lotta sweet with a little bit of heat!

Crazy World, Lotta Smells

Every morning, Salsa’s trainer lets her out of her kennel and she follows him while he makes his coffee, sniffing every ingredient before it goes into the cup. Detective Salsa catalogs EVERY scent! Then she inspects her trainer’s locker with him; she loves exploring all of the lockers, taking in all the different new smells! Just like Michael Scott once wisely said: “crazy world, lotta smells!”

After coffee is made, her trainer grabs a seat and pets her while drinking coffee. It’s a morning ritual for the both of them, and they both love it! She also really likes to lie on her doggy bed, especially when her trainer puts the bed next to his feet while he watches TV. Salsa will lie there contently all day.

And did I mention that Salsa is a friendly girl? She really enjoys visiting people, walking around the dorm, looking for her favorite people to get a treat or a scratch behind the ears. Someone is gonna be REALLY lucky when they land this gal as their newest family member! Her trainer says he hopes you understand just how lucky you are, because she is a one in a million girl!

She's gonna steal your heart!

Hey. Hey. Hey. It’s Salsa Baby! Can you believe it’s swap week already? This is where the pups go and stay with another trainer to see how they do with their commands and for check for separation anxiety. Salsa had a good week with her alternate trainer. She was a little shy at first, but she warmed up quickly. Having her favorite treats handy sure did the trick. He said she is a very laid back girl, but does get excited when you break out the toys. She doesn’t play long, but when she is playing it’s amazing to see this girl light up.

Salsa did all of her commands for her swap week trainer. She was a little slow responding to “sit” and “down”, but she would follow through. Salsa is a sweetheart and is going to be a nice addition to any family. Get ready for her to steal your heart.

Loving Retirement Life

A laid back girl who enjoys relaxing.  She’s got retirement down to a science. Now when it’s time to go outside and play with her friends she’s energetic and ready to play.  She can get into a rush when it’s time to go somewhere, so her inmate trainer is making sure she “waits” at doors.  Her inmate trainer says that seeing her so happy is a wonderful experience. 

She’s got most all of her commands down with both verbal and hand signal cues.  Her inmate trainer plans to continuing working towards a flawless response to each request. 



Now, we know that we have mentioned that Salsa loves treats and is very treat-motivated. It's the easiest way to get her to cooperate. But if you REALLY want to win her heart: peanut butter! Everything and anything with peanut butter! She absolutely loves it. Her trainer usually treats her with it by smearing it inside a chew bone. It is a little bit of work, but you can tell she thinks it's worth it. She looks like an anteater using her snout and long, long tongue to get to that peanut butter, her one true glory.

In short, when in doubt, peanut butter. Trust me. She'll thank you for it!

Lovable lady

Salsa’s daily excursions have changed from exploration to visitation. She makes her rounds to everybody, so they can shower her with love or give her a nice treat. She loves everyone, dog or human. She eagerly greets them all. Salsa has become a dorm favorite with the trainers.

One of her favorite things to do now, is lay on the the doggie bed while her trainer watches TV. She usually starts it, by looking around, checking out the scenery, but always ends it with a nap. She thoroughly enjoys this daily ritual, as does her trainer. She is such an easy going and lovable girl! Did I hear you say Salsa is on your Christmas list?

Zoom zoom!

One month into training for Salsa, and she is chugging right along and doing great! She has become a much more assertive dog as she has shed her initial timidity. She really likes to explore her surroundings and her curiosity is boundless. She seems to really like other dogs and plays very well with others. The same goes with people - she just loves everyone! She loves to be petted and will let you pet her ALL day long if you feel like it!

Running is always a favorite activity for greyhounds, and Salsa is no exception. She just can’t wait to get off the leash and zoom!

Her training is going well and she is currently working on the ever-elusive “sit” command, the hardest one for greyhounds to master due to their noodly appendages and goofy butts not touching the floor when they sit. That will be her last big hurtle and then she is on to master the mysteries of the universe!

Salsa Baby

Salsa is really adapting well to her new life. She was shy when she arrived at Jenkins, but that has all changed. She has really came out of her shell this past week. Her training is going well. She jumped on her first attempt. You go girl! She is very bright and catches on quickly to whatever her trainer asks of her. He’s sure that it won’t be long before she has mastered all of her basic commands.

Her trainer said Salsa is a very low key girl. She' doesn’t get too excited or worked up about anything. She just goes with the flow. If you’re looking for a little spice in your life, then Salsa’s your gal. She’s not too mild and not too hot.


Week 2 has been very good for Salsa! She has settled in nicely, and her anxiety seems to be gone. She has already familiarized herself with her surroundings and made herself at home. She is very friendly and loves attention. She’ll just go from person to person, waiting to love and be loved on. She is also a very quick learner; as soon as she became comfortable in her surroundings, she became so easy to train! It doesn’t take long at all for her to catch on to what her trainer is trying to teach her. The next couple of weeks should be fun as she starts to learn the basics.

Meet Salsa!

A new session! It is always exciting to start fresh and meet a new class of dogs and begin new friendships. Salsa is one of our new pups and her trainer is having a wonderful time with her so far. Salsa is an adorable dog – so small, but with big ears that are constantly perked in curiosity. Salsa was very timid when she first arrived but has become more comfortable with her surroundings every day. She loves exploring and making new friends!

So far, she seems to be treat-motivated, which always makes training easier. Her trainer is so excited to begin training in earnest after her acclimation period. With her first week in the books, let’s call this one a success!