Belly Rubs Please

It seems impossible, but another week has gone by already.  Hope’s inmate trainer says that she’s taking training with ease and doing really well.  She improves daily with her response times and holding the position longer.  

Bed is still one of favorite commands.  If she happens to be close to a bed she’s gonna check it out.  If you start petting on her she’ll roll over on her back with her paws up in the air ready for a belly rub.  

Hope’s a loving girl who wags her tail like crazy and believes humans were put on earth to show her attention.  

One Smart Cookie

This week was Hope’s first time trying stairs, and she did really well! Going up them was no problem, but coming down she wanted to pause about halfway and then jump to the bottom. It is okay, though - she will get better at this and more comfortable the more she does it.

Her favorite command is “bed” - if she sees an empty day bed out in the dorm and she walks past it with her trainer, she wants to go lie down on it immediately!

One morning this week, she laid down on the bed and stayed there for an hour - a few people came up wanting to pet her. She was deep in relaxation mode.

Her trainer has been getting her to “sit” for her food while he puts it in the kennel and then releases her to go in and eat. He has to switch it up, because now she’ll sit before the command is even given! It doesn’t take her long to figure out how to make the food happen. She is eager to please and LOVES treats of all kinds.

Hope also got to work on “jump” this week and took to it like a champ! Jumping in the back of an SUV, truck or van is not going to be a problem for her. She’s a smart girl! Well, this is all for now - check back next week, because this gorgeous smarty pants has many more adventures down the road. Take care!

Maximum Sweetness

Hope is SUCH a sweet hound, and her trainer says that it is an absolute privilege to train her. She loves getting affection. It’s rare that a hound picks up on the sit command this quickly, but Hope sits and waits patiently for the release command. She loves eating marshmallows in her kennel and loves to play with toys in the training room. She is very social and wants to say HELLO!!! to everyone she meets. When she goes to her forever home, she is going to make them so happy with her big, loving heart.

Easy to love

Hope has been doing great this week!  Her inmate trainer is introducing new commands a little at a time.  She’s been sitting each time before she eats or before she goes into her kennel.  She’s already starting to sit on her own!  They’ve been working on the “bed” command and getting her to lay down and stay on it for short periods of time.  So far her favorite command is “here”.  She knows that when she goes to whoever calls her, she gets a yummy treat.  

Hope’s inmate trainer says this sweet girl is easy to love.  He’s looking forward to training days ahead! 

Hope reporting for training

CR Wys Muv – Hope had a BUSY first day! Coming into a new environment with all different types of sights and smells. Getting a bath with flea and tick removal, ears cleaned, weighed, nails cut, checked all out, and then exploring her new living quarters… whew! That’s a lot!

She did well on everything except for being a little nervous during bath time. She wanted to get away from the water being poured on her, but once she realized it was inevitable, she settled down. Later that day and for the past few days, she and her trainer have been exploring the dorm together. He lets her walk all around the place, smelling and seeing where she will be staying for the next 10 weeks. She loves meeting everyone and sniffing their hands – always looking for treats!

She has also been working on walking properly by her trainer’s side and not out in front of him or behind him, getting her used to being led by whoever has the leash. The let’s go command goes along with this one, letting her know that we are moving, to pay attention, and that we may be changing direction. 

This coming week is all about slowly introducing her to the new commands. He starts with easy ones so that she can get a good foundation, get rewards, and it helps build her confidence in herself and in her trainer. Baby steps – you got to have a level of trust. 

Well, this is all for now – stay tuned for more of Hope’s adventures, and take care!