Turbo is such a sweetheart and so lovable. He loves rubber squeaky balls and playing with his greyhound girlfriend Carmen. He's always so happy and loves to be massaged and rubbed.  He's a gentle boy.  Turbo is a smart dog and though he hesitates more on his sit/stay command, he does well on the down/stay.  He is a little slow to respond to all his commands, but knows them well, and is also fine going up and down stairs.  Turbo is a really good dog and whoever gets him will love him.


Turbo has been a good boy from day one. He is precious and very gentle. He loves to play and will enjoy a family who will play with him. He enjoys his squeaky orange ball. This week he's continued to work on his stay commands. He will do commands sometimes without kibble, but more often with at the moment. He walks 2 to 3 miles a day and does a very good heel walk. Turbo is wonderful all the time, says his handler, and whoever gets him will be so pleased.


Turbo is doing well. He's such a sweetheart and always very happy. He knows all his basic commands, but hesitates a little before doing them sometimes and has a stubborn streak. He's refining his stay commands. He does OK with stairs. Turbo loves everyone. He does get a little nervous in large crowds. He and his girlfriend Carmen look for each other and love to play together. Turbo is very gentle taking kibble and getting toys. He's a wonderful dog.


Turbo is a big, sweet lover dog. He loves everyone to pet him. He and Carmen, his favorite greyhound, play so well together and they look for each other. It’s so cute! Turbo is learning sit/stay and down/stay. He’s a little hesitant and stubborn sometimes with his commands, but he will do them, at times with kibble, at other times without. He’s a smart boy and listens well. He enjoys toys and is always so gentle at letting go of them. He adjusts well to other handlers and other environments. Turbo walks 2 or 3 miles a day. He really loves to play with a squeaky red ball. He’s a wonderful dog.


Turbo is always happy and his handler doesn't have one bad thing to say about him! He's progressing with his commands (still using kibble). He doesn't like loud noises and banging too much. Though he goes to the day room with his handler, he won't lie down for a long time without getting up. He likes evrybody. He likes to be touched and massaged and you can lie on the floor with him. He's like a big kid! Turbo likes female dogs. His best friend is Carmen - they play so well together. He does well with the labs, and though he whines when he sees the little dogs, his handler doesn't think he would bother them as he's so well mannered. Turbo listens well and adjusts well to new people and different environments. He's wonderful and everyone enjoys him a lot.


Turbo is doing well. He's starting to open up. He loves absolutely everyone. He's doing better in the busy day room now and happily lies in there on a blanket. His commands are going well, though he hesitates just a moment before executing them. Turbo walks nicely on leash. He and his handler enjoy walking 2 or 3 miles a day. This boy loves to play with squeaky balls. He gave a growl when an alternate tried to take a stuffed toy from his mouth last week, but she corrected him and he released the toy. Patience is all he needs. Turbo is really sweet and always so calm. He was in a talent show as Superman last week and did great. He's wonderful.


Turbo loves people. Even though he's a shy boy, he will go lay his head on you to pet him. He continues to do well and he's also relaxing more in the day room on a pallet. Turbo loves to play outside with a squeaky ball. He ran really well this week with another dog called Leo. Turbo is also quite the flirt with the female dogs! He's a smart hound and this past week he's learned sit and down. He also knows here, heel, bed and wait. Stairs are slow, but he does them. This sweet hound has reached a point where he's taking in everything around him. He doesn't like loud noises, but he is settling into things and getting a good appetite. Everyone loves him.



Turbo is doing well. Though still very shy, he likes all the inmates and staff. He also loves all the female dogs! This sweet boy is eating well now. He loves to play with a squeaky ball and is gentle when he plays. He walks well to heel and walks throughout the day with his handler. He will get into the pool, but won't lie down yet. After he gets out he neatly cleans his paws, which amuses his handler. Turbo is learning to sit and scoops easily. He does a good wait at the doors. He loves affection and is a good dog.

First Impressions - 10/06/13

Turbo did really well in the intake process. He's very sweet and shy. He likes to lie in his kennel and his handler has been talking to him and rubbing him to sleep. The first several days are for bonding before training. He hadn't been eating much, but it turns out he doesn't seem to like the silver bowls! He's eating better now. Everyone says how beautiful Turbo is.