Hi, future forever family!

Welcome back to another week into my life! I’m having a blast here learning commands so I can impress my forever family. My trainer told me this week that I’ve been adopted!!! I have no clue what that means but he seems excited for me.

I got excited, too, and he gave me some milk bones. I LOVE milk bones and hopefully my forever family will have plenty around! I’ve been learning some extra commands this week: paws up and spin, and I learned them in just two days! Hopefully I’ll learn more next week. Until then!!!

Ready to bring you happiness

Another week has come and gone.  Chase has been learning to jump and walk up and down stairs this week!  His inmate trainer says that Chase wasn’t too sure about either of these new things, but after some consideration (and treats) he gave it a try and did really well! 

Chase’s inmate trainer says that he’s very proud of Chase!  He knows most all of his commands with verbal and hand signal cues!  He’s one smart boy who is sure to bring happiness to his new family.  


Learning and Lovin' it

Hey guys! Welcome back to another week into my retirement life. You may not know this yet, but my name is Chase! I’m still enjoying myself here at Jenkins. I’ve learned more commands this week and have picked up on them very quickly. I’m ready to learn more and more great things! I’m still learning how to jump, and I start on the stair command this weekend. Wish me luck! I’m excited to see what that’s all about. Hopefully there are treats involved…

I smell... Peanut Butter!!

Welcome back Chase fans! Man! This week I learned a new trick/command called “sit”. I picked it up rather quick because I am extremely smart. Well, it could have been because my trainer fed me some yummy treats with peanut butter! How I love me some peanut butter!!! I’m working on some other commands too, but this “sit” thing is my favorite.

I’m starting to get the hang of these squeaky things they call toys, but not as much as PEANUT BUTTER!! Well, until next week….later!

Hello Chase Fans

Well, it looks like my new name is Chase! I don’t know why I’m called that. I guess it goes along with my racing name. “Chasing Paper”…. Chase for short. I’m still trying to adjust to this big change in my life. My trainer is very nice to me and feeds me treats when I do things he asks of me. Honestly, if it weren’t for the treats, I might not think he was that cool. I’m just kidding, he’s a good guy. He is teaching me all sorts of stuff and I think I’m picking up on it pretty quickly!

Well, that is all for now. Check back next week and see what else is going on! Another day, another Dollar.